Brewery Review: Serda Brewing Company, Mobile, Alabama

New flavors abound in this established brewery located in Mobile, Alabama.  I decided to take a peek at Serda’s for my next review of some of Mobile and Baldwin Counties’ breweries.  I’ll be honest, I have visited Serda’s a year or so ago.  I drank a couple of beers, paid my tab and left.  I will not say that I didn’t like the beers I tried, but the flavors offered in the past just didn’t have a hold on my palette.  Now enters this visit and boy let me tell you, things have changed in a big way!  I specifically asked for an IPA that I had on the only previous visit and the barkeep informed me that they no longer carry that beer or many of the past beers. He told me the brewery decided to undergo a revamping of the beer line up with the addition of a new Brew Master.  What they did pour up this time was some huge flavorful beer additions that are sure to have you coming back for more!  Especially Monday nights which offers half off pints!

Serda’s Brewing is located on Government Street in downtown Mobile.  They sit on a 1-acre facility that houses their brewery, packaging center, and their tap rooms.  In the huge room with garage door access with windows built in, gives the viewer access to some of their mashing and brewing equipment, which can lend a keyhole to a novice brewer and non-brewer alike into the overall scale of the process.  You can even play Foosball close enough to the equipment that I’m sure a ill intended ball could potentially go flying into the wort if it didn’t have a lid on it.  Probably not, but you get the idea.  Add in a spacious patio area that is kid friendly, dare I say family night at the brewery? I’m going to go out on a limb and say it is pet friendly as well due to the dog that was on a leash and walking around with his owner.

Tap Room

Moving into the tap room, the first thing you’ll notice is the gigantic concrete poured bar mounted with multiple taps and behind that is the area that I will now call my jealousy area.  The members mug!  For a mere $100 for the first year and subsequent $25 each additional year, you earn the right to have a mug placed on the shelf with your name and your slogan proudly displayed for all the plastic cup holder’s jealousy to endure.  Best part is upon finishing at the end of the night, they wash and dry your cup and keep it safe until your next arrival.  Throw in a T-shirt and some other perks and you got one heck of a deal. 

The Taps

But let’s get down to brass tacks.  You enjoyed all the fluff in the paragraphs above, but what you really wanted to know about was the beer.  Right?  Let’s dive in and check out the starting lineup. 

Fancy notebook for recording my thoughts.

West Coast IPA                

Wakiki IPA

Hazy #4 IPA                       

Sour Blackberry

Berry Manilow                 


Summer Lager                  


Coffee Millk Stout           


Pineapple Seltzer            


Mango Seltzer

Yes, me and my wife tried them all, but on Monday nights, all pints and flights are half off.  Saving some cash!  Also, if you are into it, Yoga on Tuesday nights. 

Serda’s Brewing Company Flight.

Hazy #4 IPA – This is an awesome beer.  The aroma and flavors produced in this beer are of a tropical paradise.  Add in the possible bubble gum aroma mixing on top and you got a dynamite IPA with the right amount of haze and bitterness that sticks long after you have wetted the bottom of your gullet.  This was my favorite IPA out of the bunch, but not my favorite beer here.  #4 might not be around now if you visit, they are having their own beer battle for starting tap position.

Wakiki IPA – Big on taste!  Imagine the rush of mango hitting your nostril even before your glass makes it halfway up to your face, then first sip and boom tropical notes, followed by a mango wave.  When you think its over a smaller wave of bitterness and strawberry flavor hits you again and then recede back from where it came.  I guess you will be trying that second gulp!  Super flavorful beer!

Creamsicle – If you like huge orange flavor, this is your beer.  Add in malty sweet notes and you are good to go.

Sour Blackberry – Big sour taste followed by that sweet blackberry flavor.  Add in some light spiciness and gives way to a great drinking beer.

Berry Manilow – Creativity just in the name alone.  One thing about craft beers I enjoy is the creative names.  Very good Hefe, spicy and blueberry notes balance each other out.

Homeport – Another pretty good Hefe.  Throw in some banana and spicy cloves and you got a beer with a bite.

Pineapple Selzer – Really good.  Taste just like it sounds with no alcohol taste whatsoever with about 150 calories.  Got to stay fit!

West Coast IPA – Classic citrus and pine flavor with a bitterness that bites, but turns loose so you can finish your glass.

Coffee Millk Stout – This one was my favorite beer to taste all night.  I can’t drink too many Stouts in one sitting, but I do enjoy them in moderation.  The flavor made me imagine I was sitting in a coffee shop.  Hard to believe that this is a beer.  Way to go guys and gals, you knocked this one out of the park!

The fact that I didn’t add the other beers to the taste description is no knock to them.  I know your attention span and we have just about hi….

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