Brewery Review: Old Majestic

What’s in a name? Let’s now referrer back to Romeo and Juliet.  “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Well what’s in a name?  At Old Majestic, apparently a lot. 

Old Majestic Brewing Sign, The Beer Battle
Old Majestic Brewing Sign

Old Majestic’s Website – “The name “Old Majestic” stems from the mighty, majestic oak tree, which is the National Tree of the United States of America and a tree that endured and embodies the rich history of our hometown, Mobile, Alabama. The mighty oak is a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. It represents wisdom personified by its towering authority, slow growth and noble presence. As the majestic oak is known to live for more than 300 years, it is a powerful life-affirming symbol. Just like the mighty oak, Old Majestic Brewing Company seeks for its beers to occupy a noble presence and provide its customers with the best quality hand-crafted beer around” Old Majestic

This is an amazing new brewery located on St Louis Street in Mobile. Everything is cool, the building, the restaurant next door, the decor in the building, and of course the beers! They even have a cool club called the Revolutionist Society, through a membership you get certain perks like behind the scene’s tastings. Lead by head brewer John Minton and co brewer Chad Marchand, these guys have come up with some pretty incredible beers. And whoever is the interior decorator, they did a good job too! Throw in a pretty awesome barkeep named Larry and they have a winning combination for great atmosphere and probably some future award-winning beers. If they don’t win some awards, no one can say that their names weren’t tied together with their theme. That right there is at least bonus points.

Let’s run through their line up of beers and dive a little deeper into a couple of them later.   

Beer Line-up

Amber Waves of Grain

Eliza Battle Smoked Porter

Just Another IPA

Missing Summer Ale

Reflections IPA

J. Cain’s Cream Ale

Four Fathers’ Stout

Majestic Blonde

Cocoa Coconut Stout

Old Majestic Flight

Your Flight

The Majestic IPA – For an in-depth review of this IPA, take a look at Round 3.  Otherwise, just note that this beer has a great bitter bite and mango, pineapple and other citrus flavors.  Great IPA!

Eliza Battle Smoked Porter – If you like smokey flavor, you will love this Porter.  Huge smokiness, in aroma and taste. 

Cocoa Coconut Stout – One of my favorite Stouts I’ve ever had, seriously.  I’m not a big Stout drinker.  Well I am big and I do drink Stouts, but on occasions.  Capitalize the Awesome!  Faint coconut flavor. 

Missing Summer – It looks like it fits into the Session IPA category according to the website.  This beer had a great smell to it and was super drinkable and went down easy.  Another great beer here. 

Amber Waves of Grain – Cool name and this beer has an intense flavor of maltiness and a spicy after taste. 

Reflections IPA

I tried all the beers and honestly I don’t think there was any that I didn’t like.  Just the ones above were the ones I really liked.  I can’t say enough about this brewery.  Its clean, big and open spaces provide plenty of room for you or a small group of couple of people.  Sit back and enjoy the barn style roof architecture that I believe is called a gambrel roof.  Pretty awesome environment with a classy laid back feel.  For more information, visit there website or just stop by and pay them a visit.  But remember at Majestic, “There’s a little Revolutionist in all of us.” 

Inside the Brewery

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Oh by the way, look out for a future Blue Berry Wheat Ale which just came out recently, but not at the time of my visit.