Boeing Gets Roasted at Mardi Gras

The Comic Cowboys Mardi Gras organization has a reputation for leaving no joke left behind and no down on their luck organization or politician left unskewered. They certainly didn’t disappoint at this year’s 2020 Mardi Gras parade celebration in downtown Mobile.

The Mardi Gras organization better known for its stripped down Mardi Gras floats only consisting of satirical cartoons lambasting various politicians and public figures then it’s flowing gowns and regal costumes took potshots at several different topics this year.

Some of the topics included taking shots at the disappointing football season that the Alabama Crimson Tide had to other local issues including a criminal investigation into a local cemetery in Pritchard, and the fact that Frontier Airlines is leaving Mobile in April. However one organization that was not spared the wrath of the cowboys was the Boeing Corporation and their issues surrounding the 737 Max grounding.

In March of last year, aviation regulatory agencies around the world grounded the 737 Max plane after two plane crashes that involved the 737 Max plane, one Lion Air crash in Indonesia and one Ethiopian Air crash in Africa. Since the grounding, Boeing engineers and FAA regulatory advisors have found several issues with the 737 Max plane, including the problem most likely suspected of causing the two crashes, the MCAS system. Federal regulators have not given any indication when they will give the okay for Boeing to start flying recertification test flights of the 737 Max, the final step necessary to reach recertification.

During its annual Mardi Gras parade that is always conducted on Fat Tuesday, the Comic Cowboys put the Boeing Corporation and the 737 Max squarely in their crosshairs.

On one of their ‘floats’ they had two billboards with satirical cartoons lambasting the situation with the 737 Max. One of the billboards read, “What’s the difference between The Boeing 737 Max and a Moon pie? Moon pies are still fly!”

The other billboard had the caption, “Hey Boeing, come to Mobile and see planes that are aren’t grounded ” With the famous Rosie the Riveter character from World War II presumably shooting Boeing the bird.

Boeing’s main rival in the aircraft manufacturing industry, Airbus, builds their most popular line of aircraft, the A320 family of planes, in Mobile. Airbus has also started constructing the A220 family of planes that they acquired from Canadian manufacturing giant Bombardier, and will open a second final assembly line in Mobile dedicated to the A220 this spring.

The Mardi Gras festival is an annual festival held every year The three weeks preceding Ash Wednesday, the traditional start of the Lenten season for the Christian Church. Mobile is also the birthplace of Mardi Gras in the United States.

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