Birmingham blocks off First Avenue South near Railroad Park from June 17-19, 2020 to paint the pavements a message to the people of that city. With all that has happened recently in the United States, we need a change to come for the betterment of the citizens. When it seems as if all hope is lost, this is the time for us to stand together for what is right. 

Lately, there hasn’t been much justice being served in our country. It is often said that All Lives Matter, but we tend to forget that includes Black Lives as well. For several years, many black people, from young to old, has been affected by injustices that has happened in the United States.

The Black Lives Matter Movement was the start of the injustices that are and have been happening in the country. Many have lost their lives because judge by the color of their skin. 

Many states and cities participated in protesting, including Birmingham, for the movement. What started off as a peaceful protest ended violently which resulted in destruction of property in the downtown area. 

This project developed after two people contacted the Mayor’s office with the same idea that other states used. One of those people had an interest to celebrate Juneteenth and honor the activists and foot soldiers by painting “Black Lives Matter”. It was mentioned that this image was done in Washington, D.C. on June 5. 

However, an artist mentions the idea to the mayor and made plans to paint and duplicated the message that made in Washington. This artist even suggested other mural artists to help paint the message.

Mayor Woodfin made the final decision to make it a reality for the city of Birmingham. Having the street of First Avenue South to be painted with the message in honor of the movement would signify a good message to the world. In hopes to create unity and support amongst everyone during the protesting in the world.

In honor of the Black Lives Matter movement, Birmingham remembers those who were tragically affected by racism and police brutality. The name was painted across the street of First Avenue South. Locals including community leaders, public figures, etc. gathered together to create this masterpiece.

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