The city of Birmingham has ordered a statewide emergency due to Sunday night’s events of violent protesting and criminal activity. The protest began in Kely Ingram Park where people gathered to spread awareness and shed light on the injustices that’s happening in our country. The protestors marched up the streets of Birmingham holding signs and chanting to get the attention of not only the public officials but our country as well. 

George Floyd and several others who were victimized through racism has affected the citizens of the United States including the the state of Alabama in a negative way. This also has caused reflection amongst the tragic deaths of EJ Bradford and Nathaniel Woods in the Birmingham area.  In response, people have been destructive and demanding justice for those victims of police brutality and racial profiling.

The frustration continues to escalate when protestors stipulated for a confederate monument, located in Linn Park to be removed. In response, Mayor Woodfin requested for the people of Birmingham to return to their homes and allow officials to handle the situation accordingly. The crowd was full of violent protestors who refuse to follow the orders that were instructed to them. 

Should those protestors be held accountable for destroying a monument that represented slavery and has been there for over 100 years?

       Residents refused to stand down and took matters into their own hands by destroying the monument into pieces and vandalizing the surrounding areas in downtown Birmingham. After successfully destroying the statue, protestors begin breaking and entering in local businesses and companies. Shattered glass, stolen merchandise, small fires and smoke filled the streets of Birmingham. 

    Properties have been destroyed to the maximum, leaving business owners with little to nothing. Properties including corporations, restaurants, banks, and local shopping centers were damaged in the process of the riot. Several banks ATM’s such as Regions and Wells Fargo were left empty in various locations. Footlocker’s were robbed of their merchandise of shoes, clothing and other items. Downtown Birmingham experienced vandalism from shattered windows, broken street signs, etc. 

    The police response to the criminal activity involved holding them accountable for their actions by arresting several of the violent protestors. Before the protest became violent, some protesters and people in the crowd wonder why didn’t the Birmingham Police engage with the citizens?

     Under the circumstances, Birmingham’s Mayor Woodfin declared a strict lockdown which enforces a curfew on the city from 7:00pm-6:00am. What started off as a peaceful protest has ended in destruction of Birmingham, AL.

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