BBQ Sauce Review: BigHead’s Original “Big and Sweet”

I wasn’t going to start reviewing sauces anytime soon until I came across what I can describe in one word, deliciousness in a bottle. Okay, four words. Before we dive right into the review, I’ll start with a little back story. Chuck Peak for years has been refining and perfecting his BBQ sauce, meats, and side dishes by cooking for friends, family, and running his catering business. He hasn’t always gone by the name BigHead, even though he does have a big head. Back in 1995 Mr. Peak beat Rick and Bubba, popular radio hosts, on their BigHead Challenge thus creating a friendship that has lasted years and earning him the nickname he now proudly goes by. Funny, in 95’ I was in 8th grade and couldn’t ask a girl to dance, while this guy was out making history happen. Fast forward back to the present or as Eminem would say, “snap back to reality.” Mr. Peak has grown to bottling his “Big and Sweet” BBQ sauce in Spanish Fort, AL.

Now that we have some back story, let’s dive into the meat of the story so we can cover it in his tasty sauce. This is a Memphis style “vinegar based, but not in your face,” sauce that perfectly balances the sweet and spicy world. Which is great because the people at my house do not tolerate spicy sauces, checked that box! Of course, he wouldn’t divulge to me the indigents in detail, but he did describe it as a “mellow, balanced, vinegar and tomato based, with sugar, and spices. I tried it on some spareribs, BBQ baked beans, and some chicken and each time it was amazing! Okay, I’ll be honest, I poured it into a bowl to get its basic taste and then sop it up with a slice of bread. It’s like the expression, “it’s so good you’ll sop it up with a biscuit,” but that would be weird. I don’t know, this sauce is so good a biscuit might be awesome!

With all the savoy deliciousness contained in that bottle, the flavor isn’t the best part.  The best part is that 10% of the profits from the sale of “Big and Sweet” is donated to Ransom Ministries in Mobile, Alabama.  Check out their website for more information on this awe-inspiring charity.  Second best part is of course the taste, but the third best part is this is a local business in LA (Lower Alabama).  Meaning your money stays in our community!  Shop Local!  So, if you would like to order some of this incredible sauce, support a local charity, and a local business follow the link here.  BigHeads  While you’re there, check out his catering menu, his heat and serve menu, and his dips!

“Big and Sweet,” is this his way of proclaiming he is a big nice guy at heart?  Well to be donating to a worthy cause as above, he must be.  Full disclosure, I’ve known this man for a couple years.  We went to church together; our kids went to school together.  He is big, and he is a nice guy.  And, another disclosure, I did not and will not receive any kick backs for reviewing this sauce (maybe a future extra BBQ sandwich?).  I even paid for the 3 pack myself, it’s just that good!

BigHeads Sauce – “Hoping to change the BBQ Sauce World.”  Now that is a trademark worthy catch phrase, but he should add in “one bottle at a time!”  Look for his upcoming sauces: Mustard, Alabama White, Sweet, and the Spicy versions.

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