Launches New Podcast with Gov. Don Siegelman as First Guest

We have launched a new feature here at! Starting today, we have launched a weekly podcast conducting interviews with newsmakers and officials covering the current events going on in Alabama. While you will be able to catch the podcast on any of your favorite podcasting platforms, like iTunes or Stitcher, you will also be able to catch the podcast here on the website. We are launching a podcast section where we will be featuring podcasts done by Alabamians, which cover topics about Alabama. If you are a podcaster that has a podcast covering topics of interest to Alabamians, please reach out to me at [email protected].

Today’s podcast features interviews with two officials. The first interview is an interview featuring former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. In that interview we discuss with former Governor Siegelman his thoughts about the looming budget shortfall in the state of Alabama due to the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting shutdown of the economy and society in the state. We also cover the lottery bill that is currently being discussed in the legislature right now and what he thinks the money generated from it should be spent on. Because he is a former federal inmate, we do talk about his thoughts on prison and criminal justice reform, and how criminal justice should focus on rehabilitation and only incarcerating violent offenders for long periods of time. The reason why former Governor Siegelman came on the podcast is to promote his new book coming out. We talk about what he has written in his book, which is about his story and the case that sent him to federal prison. We also discuss the stories of other inmates that he met in prison. You can buy his book, “Stealing our Democracy”, on Amazon. You can also go to his website to find out more information:

The second interview in today’s podcast is with current state senator Chris Elliott from Baldwin County. We talk about the fact that the legislature is going to resume its session today, May 4th, and what will be done during the remaining 14 days of legislative session. Senator Elliot believes that the leadership in the legislature just wants to focus on the budget and a few of the local legislations that have already been introduced and made their way to the floor, as well as a couple of bond issues. We also talk about things that might be covered in an upcoming special legislative session in the late summer or early fall that were not able to be completed during this legislative session due to the Coronavirus shut down.

Take a listen to the podcast below or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so that you can get updated whenever we drop a new episode of the podcast. Also, if you have a podcast that you would like featured on the site, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll get back to you to discuss your feature in more detail.