Baldwin County Secondary Teacher of the Year

Secondary Teacher of the Year Dianne Casolaro

Dianne Casolaro teaches multiple levels of English at Daphne High School. She currently teaches English 9 Advanced, English 11 International Baccalaureate, and English 12 Dual Enrollment. While at Daphne, she has also taught English 10 Advanced and Standard, English 12, and   Mythology, Literature and Fable. Casolaro is about to complete her 24th year of teaching, but her career started in a different way. After completing her undergraduate degree, she worked as a writer. As a journalist, she saw much goodwill, but also much ill-will. She remembered her grandfather’s retirement reception after 50 years as an educator where he received accolades as a teacher and principal. She longed to make a difference and wanted to continue to share her love of writing. She made the move to education where she has the title of “English teacher,” but Casolaro hopes to also be remembered as a “motivator,” “encourager,” “mentor,” and “difference-maker.”

Casolaro is a National Board Certified Teacher and taught at Baldwin County High School and Robertsdale High School before joining the staff at Daphne High School five years ago. Outside of Baldwin County, Casolaro has taught for Orange and Lake County (Florida) Public Schools and for the Jefferson County Board of Education.

Casolaro is married with four children, three of whom are graduates of Baldwin County schools, and one who is a current intermediate school student. Join us in congratulating Dianne Casolaro on her selection as the Baldwin County Public Schools Secondary Teacher of the Year!