Baldwin County Schools will Provide WiFi to Needy Students

Baldwin County Schools superintendent sent out a letter to parents with children in the Baldwin County school system today informing them that if they did not have Wi-Fi internet access at home that the county school system would be able to provide them with a Wi-Fi hotspot to be able to do learning by distance curriculum for the rest of the year

here is the letter and its entirety


As we move into our distance learning program, we need to make sure our students have either Wi-Fi access at home or they are assigned to a non-digital distance learning curriculum. To accomplish this, we need your help.

If your family does NOT have Wi-Fi access at home, please use the link below to complete the information so we can either provide you a hotspot device at no cost to your family to complete this school year or provide you with an alternative non-digital distance learning program.

Again, only those families who do NOT have Wi-Fi at home should complete this form. To complete the form, please visit or click here:

If you know of a student’s family who does not have Wi-Fi access at home, would you please help get them this information so they can get on board with our distance learning program, as it is also first come first serve. Ask them to please visit or click here:

Only one device will be issued per family. We have a limited number of devices, so not everyone will be able to get Wi-Fi at home and some families will be given an equivalent non-wifi distance learning program. Devices will be issued based on several priorities including: grade level, location, number of students in household and financial necessity. Signing up is not a guarantee, but it is the first necessary step toward your family beginning the process.

I want to thank AT&T for their partnership in providing these devices to us. I am very excited about what our team has been able to pull together to make sure we keep your students up-to-date and properly educated for their advancement to the next school year without remediation.

Your local teachers and principals will be in touch with you about additional information regarding distance learning. I will be in touch with you again later this week to keep you up-to-date about what the system is doing to move forward.

Please continue to do your best to enjoy the time you have with your family. I know you are as concerned as I am about our health, the health of our family members and also our economic circumstances. I’m with you in worrying, but I continue to believe we’re going to come through this stronger than we were before. What I have witnessed in cooperation and assistance, as well as a good attitude from thousands of parents and employees over this very trying time, is part of what has encouraged me. I hope you find your encouragement!

We will talk soon. Practice social distancing and stay well.

Eddie Tyler,

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