Wealth taxes come with a wealth of worrisome potential trade-offs

By James Pethokoukis President Biden’s campaign tax plan was full of tax increases, some $3 trillion worth. But a wealth tax wasn’t one of them. And, according to The New York Times, a wealth tax ....

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Economic growth shouldn’t need a defense. But here you go, again.

By James Pethokoukis One might think that long-lasting and sustainable economic growth, driven by technological improvement and innovation, would be an obviously awesome thing. It helps humanity live longer and better. The impact of rapid ....

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Can Republicans maintain a conservative-populist alliance? An interview with Henry Olsen

On February 5, AEI and the Ethics & Public Policy Center (EPPC) hosted a panel discussion regarding a YouGov/EPPC national survey of 1,000 self-identified Trump voters, conducted on January 11-14. In this discussion, Henry Olsen, ....

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