Autaguaville Mayor Beloved by Community

Autaugaville, AL— Community leaders, business owners, town employees, and the everyday citizens of the town of Autaugaville truly admire and respect their lead town official, Mayor Curtis Stoudemire. While he may be beloved by many in the small town, they all agree that there is still much work that can be done for the betterment of the town.

Mr. Lee Howard is the owner of the Chef Lee’s restaurant in Autaugaville. While he couldn’t think of any issues pertaining to the town, he was asked how did he feel about the mayor, and he explained, “He’s doing a good job.” He went on to say that the mayor comes in for lunch at times and supports his business fully. He ended with saying that he too supports the mayor wholeheartedly.

Mrs. Jane Hyde is the Autaugaville Town Clerk. Having lived in town since 1980, she has seen the town through its good and bad days. She had a laundry list of issues that can make the town better such as bringing more businesses in the area such as more shopping areas. “I think the mayor’s doing an awesome job,” exclaimed Mrs. Hyde on her feelings about her boss. She continued, “That he’s doing a fantastic job. He’s treated me like one of the family. He even calls me sunshine.”

Mrs. Judy Johnson is the pharmacy manager of the Autauga Pharmacy. Even though she hasn’t lived in the community long, she totally has some issues that concern her very much. Like Mrs. Hyde, she too would like more places to shop at such as a community grocery store. She also would like more services for the elderly. In spite of meeting the mayor a few times, she stated, “He seems to be a nice man and really cares about the community.”

Mr. Gregory Palmer is a retired customer service professional. Born, raised, and still currently living in the community, he had a good deal of issues as well such as the abandoned properties. He explained that those properties can either be cleaned up or torn down to make way for better places. A fellow 1979 graduate of the Autaugaville High School along with the mayor, he proclaimed, “He is a knowledgeable person who has certainly put himself out there. While being a councilman first, he was well trained under the great leadership before him.”

Mayor Curtis Stoudemire is truly doing some big things for his community and home. The citizens of Autaugaville and his fellow constituents agree that their mayor is doing all he can to better the town and come August, they hope to elect him to another term. Residents wish the mayor good luck and want him to keep doing what he is doing for the town.

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