API Encourages Protections from COVID-19 Lawsuits

Today the Alabama State Senate appears poised to adjourn with the intention of returning later this month to end the session Sine Die. Prior to adjournment the Legislature considered both the General Fund and Education Trust Fund Budgets. API applauds the Legislature’s decision to bring spending to more manageable levels in light of the economic uncertainties created by the coronavirus response. However, despite the efforts of the Senate it does not appear that the full legislature will consider SB330 which provides liability protections for businesses and medical providers from COVID-19 related claims.

Today Governor Ivey also issued an emergency proclamation which provides immunity from lawsuits resulting from the Coronavirus. The governor’s action underscores the need to protect companies and organizations from litigation which could further cripple the state’s economy.

“API applauds Governor Ivey’s and the Senate’s efforts toward providing protection from frivolous and damaging tort claims. We are equally disappointed in the failure of the House of Representatives to immediately consider this important legal protection for Alabamians,” commented former State Senator Phil Williams who servers as Director of Policy Strategy for the Alabama Policy Institute. “API encourages the Governor to make it a point to call a Special Session soon and include SB330 in her call. We must do all we can to prevent further harm being caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and limiting liability and frivolous lawsuits is a key arrow in the quiver.”

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