America Torn Asunder

            America has had a tumultuous history since its inception.  Americans have endured terrible turmoil from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War to two World Wars and to fighting global totalitarianism to this very day.  We have survived social unrest with civil rights and societal upheaval when our economy shifted from an agriculture based economy to the industrial revolution and again when we shifted into the information age which is still unsettled.  Our body politic would mirror the economic and societal turbulences, but perhaps at no time has our political climate been more contentious, divisive, and even vicious.

            In the past the political debates were to manage and decide on change, but today the relentless partisan attacks are intended to force change Americans would never vote for.  We are witnessing an all-out assault on our culture, capitalism, and liberty.  Since Americans would not vote for socialism and social havoc and they didn’t in 2020, our ruling elite are desperately seeking to destabilize every aspect of American life.  While we are in chaos, they are hoping they can coerce us into globalism and a totalitarian government because citizens will be frantic to grasp any promise of order.

            The canard of fifteen days to flatten the curve from last year is really fifteen months to flatten the middle class.  All the COVID restrictions have proven basically useless in fighting the Chinese virus, but very effective at hobbling the economy by crushing small business and putting average Americans out of work.  Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline to kill jobs and drive up fuel costs; and he rejoined the senseless Paris Climate Accord to burden business with nonsensical regulations.  The sinister goal is to return to the stagnant Obama economy of no growth to erode the middle class out of existence.

            While the cost of living is rising precipitously, the Biden Administration has flung open the borders.  Never mind the growing humanitarian crisis on the border as illegal immigrants are abused by cartels ruthlessly taking inventory of their human stock with color coded wrist bands, the illegal hordes are flooding the border to take American jobs in a maelstrom of out of control crime and human trafficking.  All this suffering is ignored because Democrats want replacement voters and to create mayhem in our economy and society.

            With Americans reeling economically, Congress is trying to pass the “Equality Act” which is an open assault on morality and religious freedom.  The Equality Act will abolish binary genders and force churches, companies, and schools to recognize and perhaps endorse every human deviancy imaginable.  They ultimately want to make it illegal to call anything immoral and thereby silence Christians.  The ominous objective is to eradicate traditional American values, so that Americans will hopelessly drift without any moral moorings.

            Amid all this commotion, the Chinese Democrat controlled House passed the “George Floyd Policing Act” which is really the anti-policing act.  In line with the “Defund the Police” movement, this act seeks to malign and neuter law enforcement.  The idea is to create criminal bedlam and deprive Americans of anything they can trust, so they will be vulnerable to anyone that offers security.  The discredited FBI has already shaken American confidence in law enforcement, but they will be the ones ostensibly offering solutions to the nationwide madness.

            Finally, Democrats and their media cohorts are working overtime to paint all conservative Americans as domestic terrorists and white supremacists.  Right out of the Soviet playbook, they want to demonize and ostracize their political opponents, literally about half the country.  The mendacious concept is to divide Americans along racial and economic lines, so that when we are fighting each other we fail to recognize the real oppressors in Washington.

            America is being torn asunder for the cynical purpose of indomitable irresistible one party rule.  The single goal is to destabilize the nation economically and morally.  A populace without morals and work will look to any tyrant for order and safety.  All the craziness imposed by Biden and Congressional Democrats is intended to provoke average Americans hoping for another incident like the January 6th Capitol protests that they can twist into another excuse to take more American rights most notably the right to bear arms.  With the country in chaos, Democrats will seize the next opportunity to disarm Americans and then the subjugation of the American people will be complete.

            We The People MUST recognize this wicked scheme and resist at every turn.  We must demand election integrity in every state and vote out Democrats at every level.  As Democrats tear the nation apart, we must cling to the Constitution and pray to our Almighty Creator to save America and restore one nation under God.

            “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”  Matthew 7:15

            Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at  Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit

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