America isn’t back, It’s backing down

Joe Biden made his international debut at the virtual G7 Summit announcing with great fanfare that “America is back.” The Europeans received Biden’s feckless overture with giddy gleeful greed because Biden unequivocally stated that President Trump’s policy of “America First” was over and indeed dead. Supposedly conservative British Prime Minister Boris Johnson jabbed at Trump saying: “The gloom has been overdone. And we’re turning a corner and the countries we call the West are drawing together and combining their formidable strength and expertise once again.” That means America will again collude with Europeans to restart the march to globalism and allow Europeans to cheat us in trade and profit from trading with our enemies. It also means America will again kowtow to China. In short, America is backing down.

Does anyone really think Americans voted in 2020 to end “America First?” That Americans voted to halt the most robust economy and greatest prosperity in our lifetimes? That Americans voted to end the first time America was energy independent in over sixty years? That Americans would cheer cancelling the Keystone pipeline killing thousands of good jobs and spurring rising fuel costs? That Americans wanted to let China off the hook for their trade abuses, technology thefts, Chinese virus biological attack, and cyber-attacks on our elections?! Americans would never vote to back down!

But alas that is what the Democrat Media Complex insists you must believe or be cancelled or censored for any dissent. The approved propaganda is that the evil “Orange Man” is gone never to be mentioned again; and that everything will be bowls of cherries and roses as Biden erases “America First” and puts the American people last. We must sacrifice our prosperity to save the planet and sacrifice our security to placate the new world order.

Biden wasted no time in snuggling up to the European elite. Although the USA made more progress in reducing carbon emissions the past four years than any country in the Paris Climate Accord, Biden reenlisted in that worthless agreement. It hobbles the USA with economy killing restrictions, but it gives countries like China carte blanche to keep polluting and circumventing environmental regulations to build their economies while ours declines. And we foot the bill.

Despite the World Health Organization (WHO) bungling the Chinese virus pandemic and being nothing more than an apologist for the Chinese Communist Party excusing their incompetence and malicious biological attacks, Biden countered Trump’s departure from that hopelessly corrupt UN bureaucracy and gladly rejoined their chaotic mismanagement. Clinging to the canard of two weeks to flatten the curve, Biden rejoined the WHO’s efforts to flatten the middle class because hard working Americans are an impediment to globalism.

After appeasing our back stabbing supposed European allies, Biden promised to revisit rejoining the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Never mind that like North Korea did to Bill Clinton, Iran according to intelligence is only months away from a nuclear weapon, Biden wants to restart relations with Iran which gives Europe the greenlight to continue profiting from arming Iran. Europe doesn’t care if the terrorist Iranian regime starts exporting terrorism again because it will be on America to put them back in the box.

Oddly enough Britain’s Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel declare they will be stronger with Biden, but it was President Trump that forced our NATO allies to increase their defense spending and carry their fair share of their defense. Even the NATO Secretary General admitted that Trump made NATO stronger than any time since President Reagan.

Hamstringing America on the world stage is not enough for Biden, he has opened our borders which strengthens the cartels, increases crime, and has precipitated another illegal immigration crisis on the border as thousands of illegal immigrants flood our borders to claim newly promised free benefits and of course vote Democrat. Biden is causing another human catastrophe in overwhelmed border counties trying to cope with the burgeoning onslaught, but this tsunami of illegal immigrants will also take jobs from Americans still trying to recover from the pandemic. Again, “America First” is over and Americans are last.

Biden’s proclamation that “America is back” is hallow at best and incredibly duplicitous at worst. It is actually patently illogical that “America is back” if America is not first! Forget all the demagoguery of Trump and the hype about Biden, the bottom line is Biden is resuming the Obama agenda of managing the decline of America. A strong America must be cowed and weakened to be quietly ushered into globalism. America is NOT back; America is backing down!

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” 1 Corinthians 1:27

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