America has no clothes

Over two months into his administration, Joe Biden finally held a press conference and boy was it a snoozer, but the Democrat Media Complex gushed “Biden’s performance was worth adulation.”  The press was in awe of his “command of the facts” and “mastery of the issues” ignoring that Biden largely read any details from copious cheat sheets.  They commended him for handling “loaded questions with moral passion and clarity” presumably because he dismissed any notion the overwhelming surge of illegal immigrants at the border was because of his reckless policies, but after luring thousands of unaccompanied minors into the cruel clutches of the cartels he would not let them starve like his predecessor.  One of the sycophantic reporters even mused that they are coming because Biden is a “decent moral man.”  To the fake news, Biden simply “excelled.”

            While the media wallowed in admiration, average Americans found Biden’s first press conference disconcerting.  Biden may not have dementia, but he is clearly suffering from age related mental decline.  He only muddled through because the entire ordeal was highly scripted; he had a chart with pictures and names of the reporters, so he could recognize them.  The ones he was to call on were circled; and each had preapproved screened questions to be sure Biden had a cheat sheet with the answers.  Biden barely had command of the script.

            Biden is certainly slow and perhaps now dim witted, but the focus on his geriatric cognitive deficiencies is a distraction and poor excuse.  For his entire half century career in politics, Biden has always been a big government leftist and buffoon; he is a liar and an idiot.  Perhaps his handlers have lied to him about the border crisis and he really thinks he is handling it, but everything he said about the border was false.

            He blamed the whole border crisis on President Trump.  He even claimed there was no border problem before Trump.  Never mind that Trump actually secured the border, stopped the Obama policy of caging children (that Biden brought back), and slowed illegal immigration to a trickle.  When asked one of the only substantive questions “did he move to quickly reversing Trump’s policies,” he shot back that he inherited this mess and he was cleaning it up.  Really?!  He brazenly declared 80% of the illegal immigrants were being sent back.  A total lie.

            With detention centers at 1000 to 1500% capacity, they are either held or RELEASED into the interior.  He even stated that he was negotiating with Mexico to hold more of the aliens, but Trump already had that agreement to hold them there pending asylum hearings.  Biden ended that policy!  Now he wants to restore it?  He is clueless.

            The grave danger to America goes well beyond the southern border.  When asked about North Korea resuming random missile firings, Biden muttered something about consulting with allies, diplomacy, and that we would respond, but there has been NO response.

            When asked about China’s egregious human rights abuses, Biden waxed about how Americans always stand up against human rights abuses.  He went on to lie again about Trump saying Trump didn’t address that issue.  Hello?!  It was the Obama administration that gave China a pass on human rights abuses and economic depredations; it was President Trump that finally faced down China and imposed sanctions and tariffs!  Either Biden lives in an alternate reality or he is a brazen liar.  It’s the latter.

            The Democrat Media Complex didn’t ask about the pandemic or China threatening Taiwan.  They are trying to convince us Biden was magnificent and that he has a steady hand on the ship of state, but Americans and our enemies around the world are not fooled.  We and they see a doddering old man that can barely find his way out of the basement.  Biden’s meandering thoughts and rambling answers show a man not in full control of his faculties much less the nation.  Without sound leadership, our enemies know we are weak.

            America has no clothes.  Set aside the stolen election; America has no president.  Clearly some committee of faceless oligarchs are pulling the puppet strings on a decrepit old man that probably won’t be around for the 2024 election despite his expectations.

            Biden at one point droned on about China and Russia believing autocracies are the future and that America must prove that democracy is still the future.  Ironically, Biden’s own actions prove his cynical hypocrisy; he rules autocratically by executive order and supports the end of the Senate filibuster so Democrats can circumvent the democratic processes of our Constitutional Republic to ram their ultra-leftist agenda down our throats.

            Biden’s puppeteers are using him to fundamentally transform America into a totalitarian autocracy before we can ever have a fair election again.  That is why they are working at breakneck speed to destabilize the nation and dismantle our Constitutional Republic.  Biden has no clothes and neither do we.  Americans have never been more vulnerable.

            “If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.”  Proverbs 29:12

            Pete Riehm is the host of Common Sense Radio heard 8pm every Thursday on FMTalk106.5 or streaming at  Email him at [email protected] or on Twitter @PeteRiehm or visit