ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan Issues Statement on Doug Jones’s NO Vote on COVID Relief

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan issued the following statement on Senator Doug Jones’s NO vote on the U.S. Senate’s COVID Relief package today:

“Once again, Senator Jones has shown just how tone deaf he is to the needs of Alabamians. This COVID Relief legislation would have provided much needed support for our school systems that are trying to open safely for our students. It would have also provided the resources needed to continue to develop and distribute a vaccine as well as improve testing. While President Trump is leading on his ‘Warp Speed’ vaccine solutions, Doug Jones is failing Alabama – again.

“On Tuesday, Senator Jones claimed not to know what was in the bill. On Wednesday, he said he had ‘mixed emotions’ about it. Now, on Thursday, he said it was ‘inadequate’. He’s all over the place. Instead of supporting Alabamians, he lined up behind his liberal buddies Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders to support the $3.5 trillion ‘wish list’ passed by House Democrats back in May –- a list to bail out bankrupt cities that have nothing to do with the pandemic. He wants Alabama to bail out incompetently run liberal cities with our taxes. That’s a hard pass!

“It’s time for Alabama to have a Senator who listens to the majority – Tommy Tuberville will be elected as our next U.S. Senator this November 3rd and will follow the majority of our people’s directions.”

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