Alabama sues Fairhope over Sewage Spills

Recently the Alabama attorney general’s office Sues the Baldwin County municipality of fairhope over issues with their Sewage system in the growing community. The city of Fairhope has had issues with their sewage system malfunctioning and causing overflows and spills for years. most of their issues revolve around the fact that Fairhope is one of the fastest growing communities in the state and the city has not invested in the infrastructure necessary to keep up with that growth.

In the latest episode of the podcast we talk with the executive director of Mobile baykeeper Casi Callaway About what the issues are with the Fairhope sewage system, and how they compare to neighboring Daphne that BayKeeper had to spearhead the effort and lawsuit to bring about changes in the Daphne sewer system.

We also talk about the lawsuit filed by the state of Alabama against the city of Fairhope and what it means for the changes in the sewage system, and the changes that the city of Fairhope and Mobile Baykeeper had already been working on together to bring about

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check out the episode below.

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