Alabama House Speaker Endorses Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis is a primary challenger for Alabama’s fifth congressional district seat, which is currently held by representative Mo Brooks.  Mr. Lewis was endorsed yesterday by Mac McCutcheon, the Alabama Speaker of the House of Representatives. Chris Lewis is looking to unseat the incumbent Congressman in the Republican primary on March 3rd. There are no other candidates in that race, so whoever wins on March 3rd will become congressman-elect. No Democrat has qualified to run in the fifth congressional district, so it will be unopposed after the primary.

Speaker McCutcheon, who’s state legislative district is included in the fifth congressional district, is seen in a video posted to YouTube saying that he supports Mr. Lewis for Congress. He also states that many people in the community including firefighters, people in the space industry, military personnel, and others also support Mr. Lewis’s bid for election.

The original video uploaded to YouTube has been taken down by the user who posted it. When reached for comment on why the original video had been taken down, Speaker McCutcheon’s office responded that it was a technical issue and that the Chris Lewis campaign would be reposting the video with the Speaker’s endorsement later today. When asked directly, Speaker McCutcheon’s office said that it was not related to the speaker requesting that the video be taken down.

You can see the video that was recorded here:

When reached for comment about the video and endorsement from speaker McCutcheon, Chris Lewis said, “We are honored to have such an esteemed member of the Alabama Legislature and North Alabama representative, Speaker McCutcheon, show his support for change in North Alabama. Speaker McCutcheon is echoing what I’ve heard and seen over the past year as I’ve reached out, met with, and listened to the people of North Alabama.  It is time for representation that has the experience in foreign and domestic policy, farming, small business, and national defense to represent our district, defend our values, and work with others to not only identify our issues, but to provide solutions to our nation’s challenges while doing so in a positive, respectful and civil manner.”

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