Alabama Hospital association salutes nurses

Nurses across Alabama and the rest of the country are being honored today on National Nurses Day, the start of a week-long celebration of the contributions nurses make to the health of our communities.

“Now more than ever we need to thank our nurses for their care and compassion,” said Luke Standeffer, chairman of the board of the Alabama Hospital Association and senior vice president of the DCH Health System and administrator of Northport Medical Center. “They put themselves on the line every day caring for our patients, and now they’re helping us heal during an unprecedented pandemic. Their additional work is remarkable, and yet not unexpected, based on the way they’ve always responded to any crisis that occurred.”

Standeffer noted that he speaks for hospital leaders statewide in his appreciation for the tremendous role nurses play in providing leadership at their facilities, along with quality and compassionate bedside care. “I urge everyone today to thank the nurses they know and to support them in their ongoing healing ministry,” added Standeffer. “One of the best ways we can show our support and protect our healthcare workers is to stay safe. We must continue to stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary to leave, wear masks in public, wash our hands frequently and keep a six-foot distance between ourselves and others. It’s imperative that we keep our communities safe by not letting up on these precautions.”

Members of the public may also make donations to their local hospital in honor of a special nurse

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