Alabama Democrats call on Dismukes to resign

Divisive Republican State Representative Will Dismukes (District 88) is receiving mounting criticism for his public support of the lost Confederate cause. As elected officials of all stripes seek to move Alabama forward, Dismukes is stuck in the past.

Rep. Dismukes, Chaplain of the “Prattville Dragoons: Sons of Confederate Veterans,” was recently praised in the group’s newsletter as being representative of the Confederacy’s “Godly heritage.”

“We need elected officials who work for a better tomorrow for all Alabamians,” said Wade Perry, Executive Director of Alabama Democratic Party. “That should go without saying. If little Will wants to play dress-up and pretend to fight for the lost cause, he should resign. His job is to pass laws that help Alabamians, not honor folks who fought to preserve the institution of slavery.”

Dismukes responded with the following statement.

Yesterday I was attacked by the Alabama Democrat party and called to resign for being vocal about not wanting the state to defund Confederate memorial Park. The park is the final resting place of several hundred Confederate veterans. It is also a highly visited park For many reasons one being the living history days and the reenactments That take place each year.

Sadly, a picture was used from my Facebook page That included my wife and child. We were at the park for Confederate flag day in 2019. I had multiple great plus grandfathers that fought in the Civil War for the South. I am not ashamed of their service nor am I ashamed of my family’s past or present.

I am being attacked and called a racist for simply standing to protect parts of our past for generations to come and learn from We should keep and protect ALL parts. Therefore, I owe no one an apology. Anyone that truly knows me or my family knows that in no way am I a racist or wish inequality for any race or gender. My life and my values reflect my love for life and ALL people.

This is much bigger than a monument or a park. Our state and our country are at a point where The very freedoms that we have enjoyed for over 200 years Are at war with a communist left That wants to completely take over the United States. We are told by one side of the aisle to be tolerant, but when we disagree with their views, their tolerance doesn’t exist. To the point that situations like yesterday occur where they go after people’s family and well-being. We enjoy what we have today because of our past. The good and the bad! Monuments can come and go, but when our freedoms are gone They will not return. I will stand for our freedoms until God calls me home and I will not apologize for standing for our God and our country.”

One thought on “Alabama Democrats call on Dismukes to resign

  1. It is not clear in this article how rewriting or ignoring Alabama’s history will “move Alabama forward.” The Civil War, especially the outcome, was, in itself, a huge part of moving Alabama forward. Change has taken time for our great state, but change is not facilitated by erasing the memory of the past.

    Countless Alabamans remain sons or daughters of Confederate veterans, and nothing can change that, not even “elected officials of all stripes” or popular public sentiment derived from uneducated news articles. That does not mean that we want to live in or go back to the past; it means that we do not want to brush aside the past, especially when it involves our beloved ancestors regardless of their “stripes.”

    Ignoring our history instead of accepting it is about as wise as changing the name of Alabama because of its slavery past. America did not start slavery, but we finished it at the cost of well over half a million American lives “of all stripes.” What’s next? Mardi Gras? Private Joe Cain, Confederate Veteran, whom we honor every year?

    It is beginning to look like no matter how many changes are made and no matter how significant or symbolic these changes are, they will never be enough. This issue is the Mother of all Slippery Slopes.

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