Alabama Democratic Congressional Candidates Issue Joint Statement Urging State Lawmakers to Expand Medicaid

Democratic Congressional nominees Phyliss Harvey-Hall (AL-02), Dr. Adia Winfrey (AL-03), and Rick Neighbors (AL-04) issued a joint statement urging lawmakers to expand Medicaid.

“The accelerating spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a crisis that threatens the health and financial stability of all Alabamians. It’s time for our state lawmakers to take action. We can safeguard our hospitals, stimulate our local economies, and protect Alabama families with the capital made available through Medicaid expansion.

Every meaningful study demonstrates that the investment offered through Medicaid expansion
will improve our state’s economy while providing hardworking Alabamians with more health
coverage options. We cannot risk more hospital closures and we can no longer refuse this
economic stimulus. Denying Medicaid expansion when it was initially offered was bad business
then. Denying it now is dangerous.

Blocking Medicaid expansion is neither pro-business or pro-family. Lawmakers who want what
is best for Alabama’s families and economy must do what is right. We don’t have time to waste.
Expand Medicaid now.”