ADPH recognizes national EMS week

The first EMS Week wasdesignated by proclamation in November 1974, by President Gerald Ford.The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians has partneredwith the American College of Emergency Physicians to lead EMS week activities.This year’s theme is EMS Strong, Ready Today. Preparing for Tomorrow.

EMS is a vital componentof our nation’s health care and public health systems. EMS professionalsare continuously ready to answer calls for help when someone is experiencinga medical emergency, such as a heart attack or stroke, or more traumaticaccidents such as a fall or a motor vehicle collision.

In Alabama and aroundthe nation, EMS Week is a time when everyone should give thanks to EMSprofessionals who provide lifesaving measures every day without hesitation.“Throughout the year as well as during National EMS Week, we want to takethe time to recognize the continued efforts of our EMS professionals andtheir selfless commitment to their communities and the health of the citizensof Alabama,” says State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris.
In the midst of theCOVID-19 pandemic, EMS professionals have been on the front lines servingtheir patients and communities by providing acute emergency care and transportationto these extremely sick individuals. Many EMS professionals have sacrificedtime with their families, due to being quarantined after being exposedto or even afflicted with the virus. There have not been any line of dutydeaths in Alabama due to COVID-19 thus far; however, we cannot say thatabout the nation as a whole. Some EMS professionals have unfortunatelysacrificed their lives on the front lines of the pandemic as a result ofCOVID-19.

Stephen Wilson, StateEMS director, said, “It takes great passion and dedication to work inEMS. These professionals work tirelessly to provide lifesaving care toindividuals, often putting their own lives on the line for a stranger.Their eagerness to help others in their time of need is exemplified bytheir response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only this week but every day,we should be proud of and recognize the dedication of these individuals.”

We are asking everyoneto recognize the efforts of paramedics and EMT’s during this week, andsupport the EMS services which are ready to come to your aid no matterwhen they are called.-30-