ADPH provides additional COVID-19 hospitalization data

The Alabama Departmentof Public Health (ADPH) now provides cumulative statewide COVID-19 hospitalizationdata supplied by hospital representatives. Numbers of confirmed hospitalpatients with COVID-19 in Alabama are available on the ADPH COVID-19 dashboardwhich can be viewed at

Up to this point inthe COVID-19 pandemic, the cumulative number provided on hospitalizationswas based on case investigations entered into Alabama’s disease surveillancesystem. This number is now a cumulative number of hospitalizations providedto ADPH by the Alabama Incident Management System (AIMS). AIMS is a computersoftware program that allows ADPH to monitor hospital data during timesof emergency. Because of this upgrade, the number of hospitalizations willappear to be higher than previously reported.

The number of hospitalizationsthat will be reported each afternoon will include the total number of admissions/discharges(including deaths) of confirmed COVID-19 patients and the number of admittedpatients each day with confirmed COVID-19.

A Daily Hospitalizationsof Confirmed Cases graph is found on tab 9 of the dashboard and includesthe new admissions and current inpatients for that day. This data, alongwith the cumulative number of hospitalizations, is reported voluntarilyby most, if not all, of the 92 acute care hospitals and some specialtyhospitals in Alabama through AIMS.

State Health OfficerDr. Scott Harris said, “We continue to fine tune the data we collect topaint a fuller picture of this pandemic. This view will help inform medicalresearchers and Alabamians about the impact of the virus on our state.”

Visit alabamapublichealth.govfor COVID-19 more information.

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