ADOL distributes nearly 2 billion dollars in unemployment claims

Alabama Department of Labor Secretary Fitzgerald Washington announced today that ADOL has disbursed nearly $2 billion in COVID-19 related unemployment compensation benefits. Alabama is paying benefits under all three programs covered in the CARES Act: Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC).

$1,938,801,782 has been paid to 308,127 claimants in COVID-19 related benefits over the period covering March 16 – June 17, 2020. This represents 2,453,208 weeks paid.

$1,400,939,400 of those funds are FPUC, the $600 stimulus benefit added to weekly unemployment compensation benefits.

$45,109,026 represent PUA funds, and $16,148,605 represent PEUC funds.

ADOL has issued payments to 95% of those filing COVID-19 related active claims since March 16, 2020.

“95% of active COVID-19 related claims have been paid,” said Washington. “Nearly $2 billion in pandemic related relief has been disbursed into Alabama’s economy.”

“We acknowledge that there are still many unemployed Alabamians out there who continue to need our help,” continued Washington. “They may have issues with existing claims, or may need to update their information, or they just simply have questions. We know that it remains difficult to contact us. The new call center that opened earlier this month is now running at full capacity, and our live chat feature is also up and running. We continue to be overwhelmed with calls and requests, with more than 210,000 calls coming in daily. However, we are committed to providing all Alabamians assistance and continue to work diligently to do so.”

The claims data dashboard can be found at:

Important Links:

Claimants can track their claims status by using the UI Claims Tracker, which can be located at

PUA claims can be filed and certified at

Additionally, information and FAQs can be found at ADOL’s COVID-19 resource page at

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