Five questions with Bob Rogers

As aCandidate for Congress am an ultra Conservative. I already suspect the government of over encroachment into our lives as We the People. I already know what government wants, that is to grow. It wants power over us. I stated in my Platform on line that we must keep our government “in tow.” We are the truck. The government is the trailer. The government derives its power from the consent of the governed. It is We the People who are empowered by the Constitution to Control government. When I became a State of Alabama Employee, I realized that I was a government employee. At first I thought I had moved up in the world. Not really. As a member of government, I became lower on the totem pole than I was as just an American Citizen. I swore and oath to uphold the public trust. As such, I became a servant of the public, We the People. More people who hold government offices should realize and maintain this perspective.

What qualifications do you have that makes you think you would be a good Congressperson from Alabama Congressional District 2?

I have been interested in the workings of our government. I have watched and listened to news over the years. I have noticed the obvious growing bias in the what has been coined as the “main stream media” news. I have studied the Constitution and how government derives its power from us, you and I, We the People. Our Constitution empowers us to correct an overpowering government. When I observed and heard our government push intrusively the Affordable Care Act upon us, We the People, I became enraged. I decided then that our government has taken it to the limits. When our own government takes themselves to be so important as to encroach into our very own bodies, the vascular system, via the ACA, then we just conceded to the Revolutionary War. It is now time for We the People to take decisive action to thwart this encroachment duty bound by our Constitution.

One of the critical infrastructure needs of the future, especially in rural and farming communities, is reliable access to fast broadband internet speeds. What can you if elected as Congressperson for AL 2 to help deliver this vital resource to rural communities in the District?

We already have the technology now to serve rural communities. Most likely problem is over regulation. I would work with the FCC to lesson regulation, allow for reasonable access via satellite communications to facilitate broadband usage. In the mean time, many companies, ATT for example are currently laying fiber optic cable over the countryside. Many companies are operating under a mandate to enclose the entire world with a grid so as to monitor our every day living. You know that these are all steps toward the Elitists Globalist efforts to CONTROL the people whether in cities or in remote rural settings. Interactive Broadband. How to completely monitor the people wherever they may be hiding.

Access to Healthcare in Rural communities has been a critical need all throughout Alabama, and even some rural hospitals in AL 2 has closed down over the last several years. What can you do as the Representative from the district to help increase access to reliable and effective healthcare options for rural communities in the District?

If you live in a rural setting, whether by choice or circumstance, your physical care is directly corelated with your position to be helped by Emergency Medical Technicians. If you live in the country and you have an accident which may require immediate EMT assistance, you might want to say your last rights. Even a quick phone call or email to EMT will not reduce travel time in minutes when seconds actually count. Lets be real, if you have a condition requiring immediate assistance, you need to move in to an area close to EMT Providers.

Farmers all across the country including in Alabama have been adversely affect by Tariffs and trade wara. What will you do if elected to Congress to help alleviate these negative affects and promote American agricultural products domestically and abroad?

I would work with interworkings of interstate commerce to ensure that there is a level, fair playing field, or market in which to conduct business. President Trump has already taken great strides to level this field with Tariffs with China and other countries with whom we trade.

What are some of the critical infrastructure needs of District 2, other than Broadband, that you would focus on as Congressperson and how would you fix those infrastructure needs?

I would concentrate of roads and bridges. Bridges need to be examined frequently for rust, breakage due to erosion. We still have many old wooden bridges which need to be upgraded. Pot holes in roads need to be properly filled and managed. This is a constant job to upkeep roads and bridges. I would work to adequately fund this endeavor.

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