4 Ways Mobile’s Economy can GROW Post Covid-19

By Herndon Davis | https://www.facebook.com/GrowingMobileAlabama/

Mobile citizens have always been the key to its potential and its growth and that remains the case as we move past the current COVID-19 pandemic economic downturn.  When the city reopens if it actually thrives or barely survives; surpasses or just idly pushes along in the new economy lies solely in the hands of Mobilians. So here are 4 things that citizens can do to boost Mobile’s economy far and beyond this pandemic crisis.

  1. Support Carnival Cruise Line More Than Ever!!

Mobilians make sure that you pre-book several new cruises!!  Carnival Cruise has taken a severe financial hit by the entire COVID-19 situation. In fact, it may look to cut back on cruises and itineraries initially in order to bounce back.  Let’s NOT give them a reason to cut Mobile as a home port by booking and booking again on future cruises!! Further, this will show other impacted cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Disney that there is a strong following and a potential to exploit in the niche that is Mobile as the drive-up gateway to the Midwest!  Please don’t think companies aren’t looking, scanning environments to find new opportunities because they ARE!

Second, we must send positive letters and messages to Carnival asking them to retain both Carnival Fantasy along with our new ship, the Carnival Fascination that’s coming in January 2022.  In fact, any Fantasy class ship or itinerary cut by Carnival may find new life in Mobile if we play our cards right as a city. For instance, a ship heavily impacted by the Cornoavirus that’s been thoroughly sterilized may still have a stigma attached to it.  Send it to Mobile and allow our Midwest drive up market to absorb the new bookings initially.

Both the city and its citizens have to think out-of-the box in promoting itself to corporations.  I encourage the City of Mobile and its Carnival Cruise Line Liaison to pursue these ideas even if it seems impossible at first.  Remember it was impossible for Airbus to come Mobile after the refueling tanker contract fiasco; impossible for cruises to come out of Mobile not once but twice; impossible to change the airport form West Mobile to Downtown Mobile.  But all of these things have happened or is currently happening against a chorus of local naysayers who simply couldn’t believe it ever would.

  1. Support Frontier Airlines new route from Downtown Mobile to Orlando. 

    Much like pre-booking more Carnival cruises, Mobilians should be booking the hell out of Frontier Airlines.  Let’s ALL overlook the fact they announced they would be pulling out of the Port City and recently announced they are staying. We know business is business, so let’s show them we know how to support a single route in an effort to get more routes on board.

    Similar to Carnival Cruise Lines, Frontier may be suffering financially and will be looking for easy and profitable markets to exploit.  Let Mobile be that market and let’s encourage our family and friends to book group trips on Frontier from Mobile to Orlando International Airport. If you want more flights, varied flights then we MUST use what we already have regardless!

  2. Support ANY and EVERY initiative the City and Chamber of Commerce put forth to promote Mobile to tourists.

    I don’t care if you don’t like the new slogan, logo or theme colors they may introduce, just support it!  Retweet, repost and say positive things about your city. Remember negativity is extremely contagious particularly in the city of Mobile where it was once a full contact sport to see who could publicly trash the city the most through comments on social media and news media websites.

    Folks, if you want the city to GROW you don’t want to scare off visitors, potential transplants but most of all Corporate Media Analysts scanning the city online to see what the personality and its people are like.  If all they see is trash talk about the city then why would anyone ever want to visit let alone move a corporation or expand business operations here. Your tongue holds the key to Mobile’s GROWTH!!

  3. Continue to Support local businesses!!

    On thing COVID-19 has taught many cities across the nation is a new found respect for front line workers and first responders along with a support of local and small businesses.  Downtown and Midtown Mobile small businesses sprang into action to provide take out, curbside and delivery services to citizens. Post-COVID-19 let’s continue to support them by sharing who they are on your social media pages and pushing them forward to greater business heights.  When a city has a strong local economy, it will only attract more business and business opportunities. Let’s make Mobile a magnet for growth by first supporting our very own, local small businesses!!
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