4 Beers to try before the Summer Sun Sets!

Why 4 beers you say? Because I said so and I’m writing this blog, not you. If you’re like me and like trying new beers, seeing what crazy concoctions brewers have spent months or years on trying to perfect, then you must read on. I think I’ve used this line before. That’s okay.

Dirty Beaches-Grapefruit, ABV 6.3%

Dirty Beaches, Scofflaw Brewing Co.

“This hybrid wheat and IPA whets your palate, just like you beaches like it.” Direct quote from the website. How could I possible explain it any better than that? Guess I will give it a shot by saying it is close to an IPA, it has a bitterness that is mostly felt at the end of each sip. Its color is of a light amber and has a medium carbonation keeping it in line with wheat beers. All this crossing over beer styles is making me thirsty, which leads me into another sip where I’m hit right in the nose with all the tropical flavors. Is it citrus or grapefruit, did I just get a small hint of pineapple? Which leads me on a flavor exploration through sips 3 to the bottom of glass. Try it out and you decide and let me know! Scofflaw Brewing Co. Atlanta, GA. I was actually turned on to this beer by the manager of the Moon Pie Store in Mobile, AL, he told me that this had quickly become his favorite go to beer. Now, I can find it on this side of the bay at Beef O’Brady’s

Salute the Sun, ABV 5.2%

Salute the Sun

Salute the Sun makes you want to do just that, head to the beach, raise your bottle, and pay tribute to the maker of tans. According to their website “Conditioned on sun-dried black limes,” wait, I thought limes came in green. All these years it feels my life has been a lie. So, what is a black lime? They are native to Asia and are used to impart a tangy-citrus-smokey flavor. Combine that with Citra hops and you have a crazy citrus flavored adventure in a bottle. Having only 32 IBUs, this beer comes in as a Pale Ale, but hoppyness is enough to bring in most of the IPA crowd, and keep the IPA haters happy at the same time. This beer was created by one of my favorite breweries, they combine forward thinking brewing and exploration with creative logo designs and beer naming. So far, I have never been disappointed, and this beer is no exception. Elysian Brewing, Seattle, Washington. I found this beauty at Rouse’s in Spanish Fort.

Summer Ale, ABV 5.3%

Summer Ale

This right here is a refreshing golden wheat beer that was created just for summer, it says so in the name. Combining Hallertau Mittlefreh and Noble hops gives this beer a slightly spicy, but very citrusy flavor without the bitterness you would find in an IPA, speaking of bitterness, only 8 IBUs. IBU’s? You’re not sure what those are? International Bitterness Units scale. Let’s just put it like this, IPAs are around 40 to 60, this one is at 8. If you don’t like a bitter beer but still enjoy a good hop citrus flavor you’re in luck. Imagine kicked back relaxed in the beach chair of your choice or the one you rented because you are on vacation, listening to the waves crash against the shore and enjoying this cold refreshing taste of wheat spice laced citrus mangrove. Samuel Adams, Boston, Mass. Purchased at Rouse’s in Spanish Fort.

Summer Fest, ABV 5.0%

How about a summertime lager with a Czech Pilsner and a Bohemian identity? Wait, what does that even mean? Well that was just a whole lot of beer types all thrown into one beer. Pilsners are a type of lager; lagers are cold fermented with lager yeast. Check. Pislners use a slightly different strain of yeast that produces a spicier beer, add in some extra hops, such as Saaz hops to bring this beer up to 28 IBUs. But we still haven’t addressed the Bohemian part of this split personality beer. Well this is where I get somewhat lost in the descriptions, but Bohemian beers are named for the area of the Czech where they originated “Bohemia,” and the Czech part is where the golden color comes from as opposed to a bright yellow. So, what does that all mean to you? A little history lesson and a little brewing lesson, but mostly a refreshing semi bitter beer with floral and spicy hop appeal. That brings us to where can we enjoy this glorious multi-personality beer. Well if you look at the bottle, it would be somewhere in a mountainous region with lake shoreline during sunset. Well I guess that left me out. I’ll pick on the dock of the bay, maybe watching the tide drift away. See what I did there? Sierra Nevada, Chico, CA. Purchased at Rouse’s in Spanish Fort.

Don’t wait too long to try these beers. When fall begins, the sun will set on these beers except for maybe the Dirty Beeches, but check Beef’s or in Mobile the Moonpie store to find out!