ForexAutoPilot – Scam Or What?

Forex Autopilot, or Forex Autopilot System, as some people call it, is possibly the most successful automated Forex trading platform in the world. It’s certainly one of the most popular, with thousands of owners now claiming success, but is Forex Autopilot a scam or is it for real? Read on for yourself…

The first thing that goes in favor of the Forex Autopilot System is that you get instant access to it. One of the characteristics of scam artists is that they say you need to pay them a small amount of money in order to access their system, but when you buy it, they tell you that it is completely free. Once you pay them a several hundred dollar, or even thousands, of money to access their system, they disappear. Therefore, if they promise you instant access, they are lying.

Another thing that goes in favor of the Forex Autopilot System is that it is created by an expert Forex trader. Many Forex products are created by failed gamblers or con artists out to make quick money. Gamblers are successful because they are usually looking for an easy way out and the easy way in to avoid hard work. They are also inclined to creating systems which can make a lot of money very quickly, because they are extremely compulsive and also want to please someone. The con artists and scammers, on the other hand, are very unlikeable and are not motivated by monetary gains. Instead, they are motivated by strictly personal l Geekism and male ego.

The con artists are probably the ones you should be concerned with, because they offer everything to get your money, including many unique and extremely profitable Forex products that simply do not work. They may boasting unique and extremely profitable Forex Trading Systems, but they are actually justmireful in the sales letter, and want to make money off of your vulnerabilities. They will also tell you that you do not need to know any more than the basics of Forex because they will taking care of that for you. In fact, they want you to believe this also, possibly counting as a legit reason for purchasing their product. By the way, if any of these so called ‘Experts’ were good at trading Forex, they wouldn’t need your money in the first place…

As a side note, my company, Surefire Trading Solutions, is not involved in this specific program. However, we are aware of several Forex Autopilot System scams which occur in the industry. We suspect that this is one of those being posted online in order to create a perception that all of these systems are scams. In accordance with that notion, we would ignore the signal generated by one system claiming it to be ‘the best’. They are simply marketing to get you to purchase their product.

Surefire Trading Solutions is in no way related to the Forex Autopilot System. However, they do have some coincidental overlap with the program. They are both able to use MT4 via the fret out trading platform. The website for Surefire Trading Needs Trading alerts actually contains a home business opportunity which can be accessed through the Forex Autopilot System. The alert is simply a sale page with an extraordinary claim. They claim their system was not found by PIP jared EA. In fact, they display screen shots of their system on their site.

It is certain that the Forex Autopilot System and the Surefire Trader are not related in any way. The EA of the Forex Autopilot System is absolutely the same EA that allows you to trade Forex and uses EA like the ones seen on the website for Surefire Trading. The name of the system is ‘Turbo’. The name of the EA on the website for Surefire Trader is ‘Trader’. They both are quite similar. You can easily tell them apart by just looking at the amounts of dollars shown on the websites.

They do have some things in common, though. EA real time quotes are displayed on the website for the Turbo and the Trader which makes them seem a lot more reliable and a lot less scam-y. We’ve used several EA’s and we have found that most of them aren’t reliable enough to trust with your money. The reason for this is that they are designed to treat certain market conditions with more marketing butter cream and as a result; they are not able to keep up with dynamic changes in the market as well as a lot of other factors which is the reason why so many people fail and give up. The difference in quality between the two above programs is very clear to see for anyone who wants to see it. The Turbo is a bit newer and has a lot more variables which control its own trades.

Although it has a lot of good points, the Forex Autopilot System is not for everyone.

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