How to Choose a Shipping Case For Your Needs

Most people at some point in time need to ship an item. The following considerations should be made when you are deciding on a shipping case for your item.

Replacement Value

The replacement value of the item to be shipped should be considered first. For example you need to ship an item that costs only $50.00 to replace. It would not make a whole lot of sense to spend $300 – $400 on a case to protect something that can be replaced for $50.00. A cheap lightweight case or even a heavy corrugated box would probably make more sense.

If on the other hand you are shipping a $2500.00 telescope spending $500.00 on a high quality shipping case that is waterproof and dust proof with a pressure relief valve and a lifetime warranty would probably make a lot of sense because replacing the $2500.00 telescope would cost 5 times the cost of a high quality case.

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight of the shipped item is the most essential concept to understand. Lighter weight items require less foam padding for protection as well as a less ruggedly manufactured case in order to adequately protect the item. A 7 lbs. rolling fabric trade show graphic would require much less cushioning than a 90 lbs steel trade show truss structure. A plasma screen TV would require approximately triple the amount of foam padding and/or thickness to protect than a 2 lbs. foam cushion. Clearly, the foam component makes up the difference in the weight or thickness of the product.

Package versus actual product

There are times when you need to ship a case for a packaged product. In the process of shipping a case for a packaged product, there will be foam blocks between the actual product and the case. The foam blocks will provide the support needed to keep the product safe and sound as it is transported.

When you need to ship a case for a packaged product, you will again want to include a padding material of approximately the same dimensions as the product. The padding will provide the shape and support needed to keep the product safe and sound as it is transported.

There are a number of considerations, when you choose a shipping case for your portable pump. Take a good look at the following:

Bulky mountainous lumber is a poor choice as the weight and bulk of the pump is too great for such a safe and effective product. Any pump will run to higher pressures and greater volumes and you want this product to be simple and compact, but still provide adequate protection.

Any pump that you turn on by pushing a button instead of pulling a cord has the potential of leaks. These include hairspray powered pumps, rowboat motorspray, and centralised air compressorspray.

Compressed air is not the same as air that you start with. Some air is allowed to run for minutes up to hours without pressure compensation – the need for more compressing agents will often result in a need for replacement pumps. The simple explanation is that the slower the air runs, the less pressure it withstands and the greater the possibility of leaks. Note that all pumps have a means of clearly indicating pressure (often with signs) so that it’s easy to gauge air flow and pressure when the pump is running.

So, how do you choose the right travel pump? The following hints and tips should help.

Use air compression bagsA air compression bag is designed to permanently fix the shape of the pump, making certain the bag does not slide on the pump when the pump is turned on. There are different types of bags for various sizes and purposes. The purposes and features of the different bags can be anywhere from simple ease of mind to save all kinds of mistakes, commercial costs, and an additional burden of installing the pumping equipment.

uated breathing tubeFor those that have trouble breathing while pumping, an oxygenated tube that’s attached to the breathing tube gives an alternative. The basic philosophy behind it is that the tube goes into the respiratory flow valance (riaq.) when the pump needs to compress air. If that isn’t convenient then you can Honduras a cannula that does that same job. cannula can be attached to the pump or can be attached once the hose that connects to the cannula is pulled on.

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