India – A Pleasure Travel Destination

India is one of the most favored holiday destinations in the world. Situated in the heart of south Asia, it is a land of mesmerizing diversity, magnificence and of great spiritual significance. India is a big country which stretches to almost every corner of the world. Travellers from all over the world come to India for tourism and heritage. Indian tourism is a major industry and a big pull for foreign tourist. Every major Indian city has its own charm and never fails to enchant its visitors. Whether it is city of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, ancient monuments of forts, palaces of Rajasthan or wildlife parks in Orissa, the local holiday destination is never a disappointment for the travellers.

Many travellers come to India to explore the fascinating land of Rajasthan (also popularly described as the Land of the Kings) hosted in south Asia by the United Kingdom, specially on the Rajasthan Tourism Ministry created website-Rajasthan India. This tourism website gives invaluable information about Rajasthan and also helps you to manage yourTour to Rajasthanin more appropriate way. You will find information about India tourism on this site. Various heritage hotels of Rajasthan also have information about empire Rajasthan tour packages displayed by several national and regional heritage hotels.

This tourism website is a great help to travellers who are planning their holidays in India. Whether you want to explore the land of Rajasthan for its rich culture and tradition or for clearance of exotic flora and fauna, it really help you to get holiday destination in India. You will also find a good range of holiday packages, which is suited for you. The website provides you for various holiday packages, which are both personalized and standard. You can also enjoy tours to the land of scintillating culture and traditions or simply to resorts and hotels of Rajasthan.

This tourism website is useful for its guests for where ever the name of Rajasthan comes into my mind, the first thing that grabs my mind is the magnificent forts and palaces the state is known for. From grand beautiful monuments to the magnificent forts, Rajasthan shows a beautiful culture to the outside world. Visiting this vibrant and colorful state is one of the most popular holidays in India.

One of the most fascinating things about Rajasthan is its uniqueroma gardens. The biggest and most splendid flower festival in Rajasthan is thecolorful flower festivalin Pushkar. It is the most lively and magical festival, which is held in the month of Kartik, which is around August or September. It is exciting, color filled and at times life altering. The colors associated with the forts and palaces during the festival are eye-catching.

In the month of Pushkar, which is around August or September, one can see a dynamistic display of almost everything. The gorgeous and lavish forts and palaces display their dramatic colors combined with dazzling architectural details. Bastions, battlements, turrets, slopes and other prominent buildings and structures show keen interest during the time of Kartik.

Apart from spectacular forts and palaces, the spectacular hill station of Pushkar vacations for its guests a captivating show of flying colors. The lavishly decorated palaces, parks and paddy fields also make part a luxurious holiday tour to Pushkar. One of the best ways to enjoy a Pushkar travel is to be a part of a caravan holiday. A caravan holiday to the holy land of Pushkar offers a memorable experience to be remembered for life.

The beautiful hill station of Pushkar also serves as a great festival destination during the winter months. A cold gear up with the dear ones and some warm and hospitable people around you during the winter time is something guaranteed to delight you. During the winter months, the south India hill stations earn their keep as they offer captivating festivals, fairs and events. The palaces and forts of Pushkar are the most fascinating places in India that draw the attention of tourists from all over the world to this beautiful hill station.

Well, Pushkar is made up of several smaller towns and villages. Since the place is extremely popular amongst tourists during the festive season, it is advisable to book your vacation to the Pushkar region during the winter season. The flights to Pushkar from Delhi during the winter season are more convenient and often cheaper.

You can book your Feet Holiday Tour to India through the various reliable travel agents throughout the world. However, it is better to book your hotel accommodation or pushkar tour with the help of internet. Apart from booking your hotel and pushkar tour with the help of internet, you can also do online payment and book your hotel with the help of credit card or debit card. While booking your hotel and pushkar tour with the help of internet, you need to pay via internet.

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