Freshman Focus: Aubrie Lisenby

As the fall semester winds down, Auburn softball is gearing up for a new chapter in its storied legacy. A group of nine freshmen join the squad, ushering in a new spin and new attitude for the Tigers. As we move closer to opening day, we’ll introduce one of the new members of the Auburn softball family that is already making an immediate impact. Next to plate is Aubrie Lisenby, a catcher and infielder from Huntsville, Ala.

Q: Why did you choose to continue your career at Auburn?
Lisenby: I grew up an Auburn fan and grew up coming down to Auburn for games. My dad graduated from Auburn, and I have always loved the atmosphere of the school.
Q: What is your favorite Auburn sport other than softball, why?
Lisenby: Another sport I really like is baseball, and I think it’s because I understand it. It’s similar to softball. I also like the laid-back atmosphere of games.
Q: If you could trade places with one of your coaches for a game day who would it be and why?
Lisenby: I would trade places with Krista Harrell because she keeps track of our quality at-bats, and I love hitting. She always just has so much energy, so I think it would be really fun to be her for a game.
Q: When did you know that catching was the position for you?
Lisenby: I knew it was the position for me when I played there the first time and got so much action in the game. I felt involved in every play of the game and loved it.
Q: Gunning a runner down or hitting a bomb? 
Lisenby: Hitting a bomb because hitting gives my team extra runs, and there’s nothing like the feelings of hitting a home run.
Q: What is your favorite dessert and why?
Lisenby: My favorite desert is ice cream because I feel refreshed after I eat it.

Q: Who has influenced your career the most, and how do they still influence your career?
Lisenby: My dad influenced my career the most. He is the one who got me into softball and went up to the field with me everyday to get better at it. He was always there for whatever I needed to achieve my dream.
Q: What is your favorite home-cooked?
Lisenby: My favorite home cooked mean is cream of chicken and rice because I could eat chicken for every meal of the day, and my mom is really good at making it.

Q: What advice would you give to younger girls who want to play at the next level?
Lisenby: My advice would be to just work hard consistently and get the best information you can. Study the game and learn as much as possible.

Q: What is your favorite uniform combo? Why?
Lisenby: I like the blue on blue with white accessories because it’s just sharp and clean.

Q: What is currently your favorite social media platform to use, why? 
Lisenby:: Instagram because it’s the OG of my generation. @aubrielisenby
Q: If Auburn softball could play in a tournament anywhere in the world, where would you want to play and why?
Lisenby: I would want to go to Mexico for the hot weather and beaches.
Q: What makes Auburn softball special?
Lisenby: Auburn softball is so special because I have the best teammates, and everyone gets along really well. Everyone genuinely wants the best for you and is so supportive. That’s really rare to find. I could call any of my teammates at any time, and they would be there for me. We also have the best support system to be successful here at Auburn.

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