Maxwell Thurmond Press Conference Quotes – EKU Week

Maxwell Thurmond


Jacksonville State Football – Weekly Press Conference
November 16, 2021 – Eastern Kentucky Week
Interim Head Coach Maxwell Thurmond
Opening Comments:
“It is always great to come in after a win and it was a fun time for the guys and great for the staff. After the tough week we had last week and the whirlwind we had and just getting our feet on the ground, I told the guys my beard last week was black and this week of being a head football coach, you can see what it does to you as its now grey. The guys came out and did a great job as far as running the ball and stopping the run. We wanted to make sure we set the tone by being physical and it started with offensive and defensive lines. They did a great job of getting the running game going and being patient. I thought the energy as unbelievable and I think the game turned on the missed field goal. It looked like we won the game at halftime because every player was on the field. It was exciting to see the guys get excited about playing. It was a great time to be with all of them and they responded in the right was as we asked them to. I thought we executed all the way around and the glaring negative is the penalties, You cannot consistently wins football games with 10 penalties. We didn’t have any play hard penalties, we had mentally penalties and that is not what we want. We have to make sure we have to harp on that and getting that fixed this week.”
“We are excited about going to Richmond, Kentucky and playing Eastern Kentucky. We had a good day of prep yesterday and looking forward to getting on that grind today. It is another week to get out there and do this thing and enjoy the ride while it lasts and enjoy the last week together.”
On the celebration in the locker room at Lamar:
“To go in and celebrate with the guys was exciting for me. At the end of the day, I was so proud of the players, coaches, training staff and everyone who is around this program, that is who I was really excited for because when you have uncertainty, it is hard to be focused and locked in when there is uncertainty.”
On the future of the program:
“I hope they make the best decision for Jacksonville State. I am still going to be a supporter of Jacksonville State because this is a place that I love and grew up here. I came here in 1996 as a cornerback and if Saturday is my last day here, then I would leave here as the interim head football coach. If you want to write a storybook ending, then there is not better ending then being a head coach. I am excited that I get a chance to do something that all coaches want and that is to be a head coach.”  
On the winning season:
“There will be a lot of teams that will be remember on how you played in November. When you get to walk off that field for the 2020-21 season, no matter if you are a redshirt freshman that gets to travel or you are a redshirt senior and that is the last time that you will put on the helmet and you get to walk off that field victorious, it is an unbailable feeling. Knowing that I gave my absolute all and I walked off the field a winner.”
“Watching them on film they are a very well-coached team. It is hard to find weaknesses and we have not found one yet. Both of their lines are really good. The quarterback is a competitor by making plays with his feet or arm. They do the things that you have to do to win football games.” 
Jaylen Swain, Fr, OLB
On the celebration in the locker room at Lamar:
“I haven’t seen him like that even though he is my position coach. I am glad to see him happy with all the things we have been through this year.”
On the future of the program:
“You can only control what you can control and you just have to go out there and play football.” 
On the second half at Lamar:
“We just came out an executed in the second half. We stuck to the game plan of running the ball and stopping the ball.”
Ron Wiggins, Fr, RB
On the celebration in the locker room at Lamar:
“It was great to see a different side of Coach Thurmond was great to see and it is always fun celebrating a win.”
On the second half at Lamar:
“I think the missed field goal changed the game because the sideline got into the game and I think we just carried that over into the second half.”

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