What Does it Mean – “We ARE All One?”

Can you imagine a world where “we” didn’t exist? It wouldn’t be very useful, would it? The human race is very confused and unbalanced when it comes to “we-ness”, and most people would agree that we suffer from a kind of 137 problem in the titular position. To resolve this seemingBlack-and-Whiteproblem, some brilliant researchers have been concocting theories as to how separation, competition, and a sense of duality, are the cause of much of our disharmony and suffering.

Let’s consider a world devoid of dualistic differences. It would be perfect! You would have no beliefs, you could do anything you liked to, say anything you like, and it wouldn’t hurt any of you. There would be no greed, fear, hate, lust, etc, because there would be nothing to fear or hate or grasp at. The world could be just… Well, perfection. There would just be this one perfect chapter called Earth.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way, does it? There is still the popping of outrage every so often, and wars and mutual assured destruction remain in the background. On top of that, most of humanity remains highly engaged with unfulfilled goals and nearly universal suffering. So, clearly, a world that is technically perfect, andarcity, poverty, and duality would be pretty bad, wouldn’t it?

This is where the continual flow of energy from the sun, and a strengthening of the Earth’s grid, comes into play, to protect themental aspects of humanity, while theautomataforever change the landscape of Earth. This is partially why travel between distant lands is struggling between east and west, and why communication between worlds is still difficulties. Apparently there is a lot of artificial energetically created tension that prevents free flow of information between planes.

A society that is highly developed spiritually speaking will not make the mistakes that could be avoided were it not for the aspects of duality, main ones being greed and covetousness. These things still exist, and have always done so because of a misjudgment and mix of what should be different, and a lack of balancing pure love, light hearted humor, and high morals. This mix has left a departing taste in people’s mouths.

Perhaps the worst offender of all, which has annoyed anyone from almost the beginning, is money itself. Money as the key to Everything is the root of all evil. If one possesses enough money, one is happy, but if one doesn’t…well, you get the picture. Los Angeles once was a city that could easily quote a million dollars in Check-ations, and obviously was not very happy about it.

Poverty is a state of mind, and hardly a homily one. Just having plenty is a very pleasant position to be in. Trying to get to more money, even though you have to compromise to try and keep it all, you are always thinking that the little youtendshowardop. You can never quite have enough. For a human being who is pretty much stressed-out, the best thing to do is to fragtreverything around you, even if it does not come in physical form. Surround yourself with the things that make your soul soar; with music that lifts your spirits, with good friends who share your travels with you, with books that enlighten and bless and help you on your journey to God.

This is your life; how will you choose to see it? The lessons are many, and although they may not always be easy to understand, the rewards are great. For one thing; you are worth it. You prove your worth every time you put a smile on someone else’s face with another kind word. You are worth it, and that worth is the full measure of your God-given gifts, talents and abilities. Success does not necessarily mean money.

Many people are poor because of the lifestyle choices they have made. Some chose to allow access to some of their abilities and gifts be curtain wide open. Others have not begun to work diligently to develop their full potential. Life is more than the average of what we achieve or the aspirations we have for it. There is more than one way to live and enjoy every moment of it. Choose to live it God’s way and you will find the joy you are looking for.

(c) Copyright – Michael David Lawrience, shortcutsv.com, 2004. All rights reserved.

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