Top 3 Places to Stay in Turkey

Nowhere in the world is the stretch of border that Turkey shares with Syria than there is in this country. It used to be a country with abundant holiday opportunities. In fact you could say that was pretty much it’s own reward system. So where are the good places to stay now?

1. Alandurmato spend your holiday in style in the mountains

This old gem of a village is one of the most beautiful in Turkey. You don’t get more beautiful than that! Lined by trees you have a view of the Turquoise Coast in the distance. When you are in a Turkish hut, this should be one of the first things that you are going to priority list. You can buy fine Turkish handicrafts and souvenirs here as well as some interesting Turkish restaurants. There are pretty beaches here too. For the water lovers, this is the perfect place to set your nets.

2. Dalyanmay ideal for families with children

It’s a very friendly town and there’s plenty to do and see here too. The tourists have plenty to see and do. You can visit the ancient Shiva temple and go mountain climbing. The third largest lake in Turkey is here and is well worth a visit.

3. Marmaris the most happening town of Turkey

The fishing port town of Marmaris is the place to come. Here you will find the best nightlife concentrate in the world. Every year they have a really good flamenco festival. This is a must for the tourist. Do not miss it. Definitely. Exploring the Golden Horn is another option. You can always wander around this city and learn more about the rich culture of Turkey.

4. Oktoganjus situated in the province of Olu ideally visited after you have cruisedosiumpired by plane.

It’s a very special city located between the Pirin Mountains and the bun experts in archeology. Thick walls have been built throughout the centuries. It’s been declared a Worldwide Biosphere and it’s a great place to visit history. The Turkish government has shown a great interest and appreciation for this museum.

5. Selimiye Tortoise Park

It’s been a reintroducing of wildlife to the area after years of neglect. You will find tortoises of all sizes and shape here. They are comfortable in the large range of man made igloos. This is a great place to see and observe these wonderful reptiles.

6. World Peace Park

Toppped a world peace building in the middle of nowhere. Now it houses like a museum giving the possibility to develop world peace. It has many facilities.

7. Ozkanec

If you like history and ancient places of interest you are in luck. The Ozkanec area was once a place of Vocational schools and had all the facilities of a city.

8. Beyazit

This town is known for its construction of the world’s longest minaret. The minaret is about 1500 meters in height. Beyazit is also the place of one of the largest mosques in the world. The mosque is considered the largest mosque in the world that is used regularly as a Church ofrics.

9. Kekova

This is a very ancient town whose structure is more than 1000 years old. The town is famous for the Church of St. James. If you like nature trips, the church is in the way. It’s a great place to see archeological sites and culture of the early Turkish period.

10. Saklikent

This city has been built along the coast of the gulf stream. It’s a popular summer resort. In Saklikent you can swim in the summer water and enjoy sandy beaches. When in here, don’t forget to go to the beach of Virgin Beach. The isle of Virgin Beach to the south of Olu Deniz is one of the most appropriate destinations to go.

11. survived winter in Moscow

One of the largest cities in Russia, Moscow is a capital of the Russian province of Tanya. It’s a very famous place to visit all over the world. The Kremlin, Red Square and the surrounding streets are invigorating to the travelers.

12. Tuapse

It’s a city in Idaho. Situated in the second largest city in the state, it’s a popular place to visit. You can buy your Factory Empire tickets, experience the skating trail in Summer Gardens, get the taste of the oriental cuisine in Summer Garden, and see the breathtaking unique architecture in the Cathedral Quarter.

13. Antalya

It’s Turkey and as such, a popular place to spend the holidays. The Antalya International Airport is conveniently just 15 kilometers away.

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