What Are the Best Baits for Catching Big Carp?

Using the best bait for carp can be a daunting task. There are all kinds of carp baits out there and the choices aren’t bad. In this article I’m going to provide you with a breakdown of the most used baits so you can figure out which one best suits your needs. Depending on the depth of your water and the carp activity level (whether you’re fishing, sitting on the dock, or just plain hungry!) there are 9 general types of carp baits; ground baits, tubbier, boilie, koi, bread and dough, boilies, pellets, maggots, worms and zara spod. This breakdown is based upon catches of 20 carp, each fish will have a different preferred bait so the type of carp you’re trying to catch will obviously play a part in what bait you need!

Carp Bait Overview

Most anglers tend to use their own personal preference and flavour. They will generally start off using dough bait and mix it with a handful of their favourite additives and flavours. I tend to avoid this approach as I do not experience a consistent result, not even in the same hook baits I tried at the same time!

Carp tend to be wary of especially strong flavours so I have found that more promise with sweet and fruit flavours. I agree that these do work for some carp but the assertive fish do show less inclination to go after a kilo of sweet fudge or a lit of sauce.

With this in mind, I prefer to use a stronger flavour as I know that the carp can smell the strong smell. I choose aged fish with a strong smell so the carp can smell it, particularly sought after big carp like Bream or Humpy which can smell as tricky as a human finger!

Using a mixture of multiple flavours is a good way of disguised hook baits. This is a technique I use regularly.

Using a mix of various liquids and powders can also be a useful variation on the previous carp bait liquids and powders. If you’re not familiar with this method it involves setting out some paste in a large freezer food bag and then adding some water to it and sealing the bag very well to stop any leakage. The liquid is added in small quantities and frozen until you use it. It’s not asecret!

Don’t forget to try different flavours and liquids as your son or daughter shows an interest in carp fishing!

The effect of flavours

Flavours and their names mean something different to everyone and therefore freeze or melt according to temperature or altitude. Again I refer to the colour and smell difference between a chemical and a natural product. With flavours you can have a very powerful chemical mix, or a blend of natural and synthetic flavours and oils, or a fruit blend. Again this is a personal choice that is based on carp activity levels and recipes from successful carp anglers. Some anglers like one or the other and blend them for their winter fishing or just during the warmer months when they know they will be the most active for carp, but I have seen it make results when using all flavours on different days in many seasons.

chemicals and their uses

Just as many components of food can be beneficial such as vitamin and mineral rich substances, flavours provide a nutritional bonus, flavours are used by carp as a Carrier for a B vitamin that works in improving health and function. Using chemical flavours you don’t need to worry about using more than is needed, concentrate is often needed to dilute and keep the correct level of strengths as a factor behind others of similar recipe type substances which can be appropriate for Brand flavour, complements as discussed under ‘handed’. Synergy types have been pivotal in the development of many bait companies, there are certainly opportunities to gain commercialised angles using flavours both in the form of single flavours, as well as blending chemicals and additives in way to be more reliable, economical and practically available for various fishing styles.

classmates of mine build homemade bait from Cajun and Ghana spice and a blend of spices using only rarely used components, such as Cajun essence,Brown pepper, cinnamon and Cloves, all ground in equal proportion and mixed with some liquid attractors to create a new unique bait base mix that carp find irresistible! Other companies can’t have bait as popular or as copied using the same components or quantity, as many anglers can’t remember a single type of boilie or maggots or cheese paste!

In the origins of carp fishing and themolasses baits Used in carp fishing or mixed using a mixture of maggots or maggots with liquid attractors such as liquid Robin Red and a sweet smell can be the difference between a good day and abad day at the lake!

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