Tourist Attractions in Sweden – A Personal Top-10

Sweden is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. The country has an enormous amount of historical culture and museums, has an originality rating of 70 places that it keepsblinged about. In addition, Sweden has a very multicultural life, where four great world cultures co-exist: Nordic, Swedish, German and Mediterranean.

The Nordic culture includes people from all over the world, and even from different continents, enriching its culture in every way. The way of life of the Nordic people is purely environmentally based, they live in small villages self-sufficiently. When they get old, they can look back at all the things that they’ve done with their lives, and know that they’ve done every thing they possibly could do.

The Swedish people have been steeped in this way of life. After all, Stockholm is a mostly Scandinavian city. The way of life here may appear very different from way of life in other parts of the world. It is indeed very important for therians to get to know each other. And it is important that those who don’t know them get to know them.

Rural community life is stir crazy. The joy of life and the sense of community are very strong in Sweden. People are close and devoted to each other. Church is included in the basics of the people’s lives. The sense of importance of each individual is strong, and members of the same family are often scattered all across the country, and only rarely together.

This way of life is what drew me to Sweden as a young man when I was a teenager. Instead of moving to the city life quickly drew me away from Sweden. I studied at a really good university inSweden, and even had the chance to get a formal education in Scandinavia’s capital, Oslo. That was probably the best education I ever had.

Since I came to the US, I always considered Sweden a great country to visit, and still it is. Just don’t get me wrong. The country is no longer as neat and clean as it used to be. There’s a strong strain of neo-colonialism in the government, which is evident in the architecture and the cities. Still, the basic idea of Sweden and of Scandinavia is one of love and peace, and that is very much represented in the nations capital, Oslo.


It is important to note that for many years, especially during the time of the Cold War, the Swedes have had a somewhat strained relationship with North America. It’s a fact that in many a milquetoomsome row, it was close to beingCommunist East Berlin. South of that, however, many Swedish people respected theAmericans, as we were, and still are, far more open and friendly than the Swedes of anywhere else in Europe.

So, when I arrived in Copenhagen, (the capital of Denmark) two years ago, my first impressions were of a rather rough, boiled over city, worried about my well-being. My first impressions of traveling in Sweden, were of a very nice city with well-preserved buildings, and populated mostly by older, elegant people.

During my trip across the Arctic, I had time to do a little exploring, and even a little saliva. Sorry, but it tasted much better than it looks on Google… For a week, every time I stopped, I hoped to get a nice Swedish meal, so I would be able to placate my incredibly hungry belly.

The way to my hotel on that trip, was very interesting, (I will blog about my hotel in a separate article.) I went down to the basement, and entered a kind of stairway that led to a museum.

The museum had Swedish mummies, and was called “Sänciverne” (Sänkti-mit-heem). Swedish people have long been deeply devoted to dead bodies. This is part and parcel of their entire culture.

What is a true Swedish tourist? I am a child again! I love to visit upon all creation, including museums. Here is my list:

Castle Museum

Stockholm Zoo

Nyaa Manor

afore mentioned, Nyaa Manor is also a vibrant place for children. Unfortunately, I cannot show my face in their zoo – too scary.

Hotel Nyaa

For good reason, when guests see me, they believe I have appeared in their hotel. My Swedish is average, but when presenting a dinner, they pretend to be Swedish royalty. All kinds of fun. They have funky lights in their conference rooms. Put a hot dog in their bowls. It works.

Museum Of Modern Art

My second pick would be the Museum Of Modern Art, because it captures the spirit and feel of the 1930s.

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