Maxwell Thurmond Press Conference Quotes – Lamar Week

Maxwell Thurmond


Jacksonville State Football – Weekly Press Conference
November 10, 2021- Lamar Week
Interim Head Coach Maxwell Thurmond
Opening Comments:
“I want to say thanks to Coach (John) Grass for giving me the opportunity to come back to Jacksonville State, where I played and coached at for a long time. The career that he has had in coaching is something that all coaches strive to be. He is a great man and coach we wish him nothing but the best in his career. I want to thank him for allowing me to come back to Jacksonville State and to Dr. Killingsworth and Greg Seitz for giving me the opportunity to be the interim coach. It is an exciting time right now as you always strive to be a head coach and I get that opportunity for at least 10 days, so it id a fun time. I am excited and it is great to be around these guys and the big thing that we have talked about as a staff and with the team is that we do not want to cheat the game of football in these last two weeks, so whatever we do, we are going to be excited that we are football coaches and excited that we are football players at Jacksonville State. We are going to do our best to put out a good product on the field and we have some things that we have to do to give us a chance to be successful and that is what we are working on this week.”
“We are looking forward t a really good opponent in Lamar. They will do some things that will challenge us on offense, defense and special teams. We are looking forward to attacking those things.  Talking about the Abilene Christian game, I think the difference in that game is that we set the tempo on the offensive and defensive line. We were able to run the ball and able to stop the ball. I think that was the first game that we have had in a while and when you can do those things, it gives your team a chance to win the game. We created turnovers on defense and we had one hiccup on offense late in the game. We protected the football and we cut down on the penalties, so that gave us a chance to win. I was excited to go through and see how the guys responded. They responded when Coach Grass told the team on Friday, we asked that they all bond the right way and they did. It was a bigtime way to respond and it tells you about the character of the men that we have in that room and the men who are coaching these guys.”
On his biggest job over the next 10 days:
“Just making sure that our guys do not cheat the game. Football is a great game and it teaches you a lot about life. It teaches you how to respond to adversity because what happens to you in the game of football can happen in life. You can jump out to a 14-0 lead and then find yourself in a dog fight and you can be down 21, 14 points and you come back from that. It is how you handle adversity and how you respond and don’t cheat this game. It will teach you life lessons in how important it is to respond because I tell my guys. One day you are going to be sitting at a table with a wife and kids and you are going to have to respond to a bad day. That is what I have told the coaches and players to go out each day and not cheat the game.”  
On the last few days:
“I have had a crazy last two weeks. My wife was driving over before the Central Arkansas game and she has a wreck on I-20, messes up the car pretty bad and she was three feet from the tree line and it could have turned out the other way. That was on a Thursday and then I get a call that next Saturday morning that my dad passes away before the UCA game and then we go out and not have the success that we needed to have against UCA. We go through the week of prep and coach (John Grass) comes in and tells us he is stepping down. We have a great game and you win on Saturday and then get the call that you will be the interim coach. It has been an absolute whirlwind the last two weeks. It has been a fun time to experience all of this and I have had many reach out to me and pulling for me. It is a temporary deal, but they want to have success and enjoy it knowing that I played here and what this place means to me. This is where I was from 1996-2012, my kids grew up in the community.” 
On the coaching roles:
“Nothing has changed except Coach Kilgore is going to do all special teams and I am bouncing around between the offense, defense and special teams. I have a lot of faith in Coach Ogle and Coach Sigler, they do a great job. I am not going in there and telling them what to do. I believe in them and I know they are going to give our guys agreat opportunity to be successful.”
Josh Samuel, Jr, RB
On Coach Thurmond:
“I could always see him being a head coach just because of the way that he grabs everyone’s attention. He is a great man and so is Coach Grass. He is a man of God and I wish the best for him. I want to thank him for allowing me to come here and get a chance. We just have to go out and finish these two games.”
On the feeling after the win on Saturday:
“It is always good to win. We go out there to win each and every week and we prepare each week to win. We go out and try to execute and some days we fall short and we get back to work.” 
Stevonte Tullis, R-Jr, LB
On Coach Thurmond:
“He is always bringing energy and having a lot of fun. That is what we want for these last two games.”
On the feeling after the win on Saturday:
“It was a great feeling after the win and it is always good when we win. We enjoyed the win with each other because we are playing for each other.” 

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