Bama Beef Blog Weekly Update | July 28, 2021

Hey there, Alabama Cattlemen! While this week’s blog may look a little on the “slim pickins” side, fear not. We are simply in a turnaround week between busy times. The AJCA Round-Up is in our rear view, and we are in the quiet lull that always comes at the end of July prior to school starting back. While this week’s post may be shorter than usual, go ahead and saddle up for next week as we’ll be reporting on: two regional meetings, the new AJCA Board of Directors kickoff meeting, Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program Session II in west Alabama, NCBA Cattle Con in Nashville, and more! Until then, here’s some reminders to add to your calendar. Keep reading!

Membership Update

The statewide membership number ‘o the day is 8,435 members…but we’re not done yet! We are only halfway through the year, and we’ve got our sites set on 10,000. If you haven’t renewed, join us, and help your county president reach his or her goal and earn their signature ACA red coat. That deadline has been extended, but is coming soon— August 31, 2021. Let’s knock out those goals, cattlemen!

Board Memo

State Board Members: be sure to mark your calendars for August 19 to join us AT THE CATTLEMEN’S BUILDING in Downtown Montgomery! We are excited to be returning to our home port, and look to see you all there. RSVP to Jessica Kennedy if you plan to attend.

Fired Up for Cattlemen’s Cookouts

If you’re a member of the ACA, you’re invited to join us for a summertime cookout! We hosted our third of five regional cookouts last week in Alex City, and we enjoyed a great crowd and good fellowship! ACA officers and staff will be traveling to other parts of the state hosting membership meetings and meals so we can all catch up, also! If you have not renewed your membership, you’re still invited as we will be accepting membership dues on site. Come on out and enjoy an evening of good food and Cattlemen fellowship! The meeting dates and times are as follows:

WEST CENTRAL ALABAMA: August 2 at 5:30 p.m. at Big Mike’s Steakhouse (Moundville)

NORTH ALABAMA: August 3 at 5:30 p.m. at Tennessee Valley REC (Belle Mina)

There is no cost to attend this event. All we ask is that you RSVP with your name and the location of the meeting you would like to attend at least one week prior to the event date. This will ensure that we have enough food for all! Simply call or email us at: (334) 265-1867 or [email protected]

October Beef Month, in the works!

Staffers Ali Cantrell and Kayla Greer have already started to put their heads together for October Beef Month in Alabama. While there’s plenty left to be planned, one event is for sure- the Where’s The Beef Cook-Off at the Alabama National Fair on October 15. The Alabama Beef Checkoff is the exclusive sponsor of this year’s event, and registration for both the Youth and Adult Divisions is now open on the Fair’s Creative Living Center tab. Check it out.

Bama Beef Events Calendar

The online Bama Beef Events Calendar is getting a list of new events daily. As Extension begins to normalize, educational programs are popping up across the state. County cattlemen’s chapters are beginning to think about meeting. Sales are lining up. Steak sandwich sales are firing up, and Junior Cattlemen events eyeball those free summer months! Not only that, but summertime means grilling season. We all know that beef is king of the grill, so summer beef promotions are also firing up! Make it a daily task to check out our calendar and keep an eye on events coming near you!

Thanks for reading this week’s post! Until we post again, we want to remind you that you can stay in touch with us by following us on Facebook or Instagram.

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