Bama Beef Blog Update | October 6, 2021

Saddle up, cattlemen! It’s BEEF MONTH in Alabama, and this week’s blog is coming is fast with the updates on what’s happening at the ACA. Keep reading to learn more and if our post seems a little short, don’t worry! We will give the FULL October Beef Month recap to kickoff November. Don’t forget to enjoy beef during October!

Slice into October, it’s Beef Month!

October Beef Month is in full swing! We have some great events coming up, so please keep up with the Bama Beef Online Events Calendar to get the latest on Beef Month activities. Also, please contact staffer Ali Cantrell if you need any materials for your county chapter to pass out at any local events you may be attending. County Leaders, please do not forget to send us pictures from your event to be featured in our magazine as well as social media. Below is the timeline of state-lead activities for October Beef Month 2021.

  • October 2-9: Burger Week in Mobtown (Premier Sponsor)
  • Bama’s Best Beef Regional Bracket Challenges
  • October 12 – 15: Beef Week
    • October 12: “Beef Up the Blood Supply” by giving blood at Conestoga Steak House in Dothan, AL and receive a $20 gift card to the steak house!
    • October 13: Receive a $2 discount off a Brisket meal at BBQ Stop in Clay, AL
    • October 14: Visit Gather in Atmore, AL and eat a delicious beef meal and receive a free dessert.
    • October 15: Come get some Beef Swag when you buy a hamburger at Hamburger King in Montgomery, AL
  • October 15: Alabama National Fair “Where’s the Beef?” Cook-off 
    • This will take place at 7 p.m. Please visit the Alabama National Fair website to enter.
  • October 16: County Cattlemen’s Association Steak Sandwich Cook-off
  • October 25: Winner for Bama’s Best Beef competition will be announced
  • October 28: Beef Checkoff Task Force Meeting
  • October 29: Beef 101 at Auburn Beef Unit

Mark your calendars and plan to join us for the events that are close to you! 

Beef on the SuperSpeedway

Talladega Weekend was a hit! If you were at the race this weekend, we hope you saw the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. message on the Jumbotron or heard ACA staffer Ali Cantrell’s LIVE interview throughout the stadium. If you listened in over the radio, we hope you heard the interview along with the sizzle of steak through the Motor Racing Network. This promotion hit a big audience as friends in many states have reached out letting us know they heard our messaging— great feedback!

Bama’s Best Beef Contest Live!

Our annual Bama’s Best Beef contest is in full swing! With nearly 300 nominations in hand, we narrowed down the list to identify the top two most-nominated dishes in each of our contest’s four regions— North, Central, South Central and South— and have put them head to head in Facebook photo challenges! The competition is stiff and firing up as the votes are pouring in. We encourage you to visit our Facebook page and vote for your local dive. Our regional finalists are:

· North: Chuckwagon BBQ Brisket, Huntsville

· North: Hambone’s BBQ Brisket, Winfield

· Central: Farmhouse & Company Cowboy Cut, Lineville

· Central: Coffee Shoppe Grilled Cheese Burger, Harpersville

· South Central: Fusion Grill Southern Soul Burger, Dadeville

· South Central: MaePop’s BBQ Brisket, Tallassee

· South: Hunter’s Run Ribeye, Monroeville

· South: The Craft Bar & Grill Ribeye, Enterprise

We look forward to seeing which one of our four regional finalists will move on to the SemiFinals. Stay tuned with the contest on our Facebook and be on the lookout for our winner, to be announced on Monday October 25!

Membership Update

The statewide membership number ‘o the day is 9,253 members…but we’re not done yet! Final remittance notices have hit mailboxes. If you haven’t renewed, then now’s the time! We are SO CLOSE to our 10,000 member goal, so help us get there with your membership. If you’ve got a county meeting scheduled, please let us know by filling out our newest tool for county leaders, our County Meeting Info Form. This platform allows us to gather ALL the info we need to help promote your meeting and get it on our calendars! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jessica Kennedy in our office.

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SLE Update

The SLE is excited to be on the search for sponsors for the 2022 rodeo. Thank you to those who have already signed up! If this is something your company may be interested in, please visit the SLE website. This displays every sponsorship package available to you. Don’t hesitate to contact the Director of Rodeo Programs Sarah Hunter if you have any questions!

In other news, SLE Members gathered last Thursday, September 30, for the group’s Annual Membership Banquet. We honored outgoing directors Ed Boyd, Tommy Fuller and Woody Clark while welcoming new directors Caroleene Dobson, Galen Grace and Paul Pinyan to the Board.

The 2022 SLE Rodeo is sure to be a hit of show as many new changes and additions are on the horizon. First, the biggest news, is a shift of dates and times for each of the four PRCA Rodeo Performances. The 2022 show line-up is as follows:

· FRIDAY, March 18, 2022 at 7 PM

· SATURDAY, March 19, 2022 at 1 PM (Matinee)

· SATURDAY, March 19, 2022 at 7 PM

· SUNDAY, March 20, 2022 at 2 PM (Matinee)

The 2022 SLE Rodeo is also proud to feature an added timed event in WPRA Breakaway Roping, and will showcase the trick roping skills of World Champion Western Performer Rider Kiesner, who will also clown the event.

As always, if your county cattlemen’s group is hosting a rodeo, please reach out and let Sarah know what she can do to help!

YCLP Set to Visit South Alabama

This weekend will host our Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program Class VIII in south Alabama— specifically Covington and Coffee counties. They’ll be visiting the operations of Wyatt Sasser, Ginger Gaines and Max Bozeman, to name a few! They’ll also be visiting with Michelle Elmore regarding recording keeping and the Alabama BCIA as well as Dr. Don Mulvaney, who leads up our leadership training. Stay tuned for next week’s update for the weekend recap!

Thanks for reading this week’s post! Until we post again, we want to remind you that you can stay in touch with us by following us on Facebook or Instagram.

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