John Grass Press Conference Quotes – Abilene Christian Week

John Grass


Jacksonville State Football Weekly Press Conference
November 2, 2021 – Abilene Christian Week
Head Coach John Grass 
Opening Comments:
“We were not pleased with Saturday and we definitely expected to win that game, but we didn’t do enough to win it. It hurts me for our guys because they are working an playing very hard and there are just some things happening to them in the game to get that done. It starts at the top and starts with me and I have to do a better job of getting them prepared, because the effort is there. We have to get back on track this week and find a way to win. The game itself got off to a bad start when you spot them early points and they have a great drive to start the game and then we turn the ball over on our first play of the game. We dug ourselves out of the hole somewhat, but you are not going to beat anybody turning the ball over three times and giving them 21 points. We have to correct that and first and foremost, we have to take care of the football. We had two opportunities in the red zone and it came down to making plays and we didn’t. Defensively, I think we adjusted after the first drive and played pretty good and we had a bend but don’t break defense and held them to some field goals against a very good offensive team.”
“We are putting it behind us and trying to win this last home game. If you watch these guys prepare every week, you would be proud of them as well. Our training staff is overworked because the injury bug has continued to bite us. We have some guys playing banged up and I appreciate what they do for this team. It is about getting back to work this week.”
On Abilene Christian:
“They are a good football team and have been in most games. They were up on Central Arkansas big early. They are a blue collar team and they get after it and play physical football. They do a lot of quarterback runs offensively and a lot of formational stuff to get you in a bind. Defensively, they are solid and have great athletes. It is another athletic Texas team coming to town and it will be a challenge for our guys and we will have to play four quarters.”
On Nahum Horton:
“Nahum (Horton) is the same guy every day and he is a joy to be around. He has done everything that has been asked of him and I have never seen his name on a list before of guys missing a workout or class. He has always been a quality Gamecock and he has played on both sides of the ball and has been through periods where he has played and then times where he hasn’t played. He always has the same attitude, and it has been a joy to see him progress as a student-athlete.”
On handling the team in the final three games:
“I think our guys have too much character to check out and quit. We have not lost many times back-to-back and I love to win, but I hate to lose and I despise losing. I like to have people around me that feel the same way and we a lot of those kinds of people on this team. I have not seen a difference in these guys in th way we practice and they prepare each week as hard as they can. They are prepared each week. There are life lessons in that you learn more from losing than you do in winning.”
Nahum Horton, Sr, DL
On being at JSU:
“Ut has always been in my back yard and I have had cousins play here and they always said how amazing things were here and al the coaches. When I visited here, I fell in love with the place.”
On his final at JSU:
“It hasn’t hit me yet, but it was mentioned to me the other day and I had to sit back and think about the time I have been here. I am just trying to take it all in with the crowd and I am sure it will hit me right after the game.”

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