Senior Spotlight: Auburn offensive lineman Brodarious Hamm

Football By: Kendra Willard

AUBURN, Ala. – Resilience in the face of adversity. That is a phrase that can best describe senior offensive lineman Brodarious Hamm. He is the embodiment of what growth through adversity can produce – strong leadership and consistent progress both on and off the field.

Now in his final year on the Plains, Hamm is ready to provide a leadership that can only come from overcoming some of the hardest challenges people can face. 

“Being a senior, I know I want to lead by example,” Hamm added. “Hopefully I’m someone the younger guys can look up to and be the leader they need. They can see what I’ve been through and know I have their backs.”

To say the last few years in Hamm’s life have been challenging can be seen as an understatement. But the most recent hardships that came from the pandemic have helped Hamm embrace his role on the field. 

“These last couple years have been tough and things can change in a snap,” Hamm said. “But all that we’ve gone through as a team has helped me grow as a player and as a leader. Knowing things could change has helped me remain consistent.”

Auburn Football at Arkansas: Brodarious Hamm

And he’s no stranger to how quickly things can change after battling through a cancer diagnosis in 2016 and losing his son in 2020. He also knows the importance of leaning on those to help him through it.

“I’ve grown a lot these last few years,” Hamm said. “My wife, Kayla, has helped me grow and really become a leader. We had our first child at the start of 2020 and we lost him unexpectedly. My wife is a strong woman. She pushes me and drives me to be better and I want to be the same for her, especially with all we’ve been through.”

His brothers on the field also played a major role in Hamm’s life through the trials he has faced.  

“After losing my son, I was just shot,” Hamm said. “I wouldn’t wish that for anyone. But my brothers on the team were there for me and stuck with me through that. I want to be the leader they need me to be because they were there for me during that hard time.”

Hamm and his wife welcomed a little girl in November 2020, and he now has a new motivation to battle through not only what life throws at him, but also the fight that he faces in the trenches on the field.

“It definitely motivates me knowing my baby girl is watching,” Hamm said. “Just knowing that my daughter and wife look up to me and are depending on me. It motivates me to keep going and be that leader on the field.”

Football: Brodarious Hamm and daughter (Asset Shoot)

The leadership role is no stranger to the Griffin, Georgia, product. The oldest of four, Hamm has used his experiences as the big brother to motivate him to be the best he can be away from home. 

“I love being the big brother,” Hamm said. “My youngest brother is seven and I know he is looking up to me. I know they are watching my games and it inspires me to put on a good show for them on the field.”

Now with his senior season in full swing, Hamm is focused on getting the team ready to face whatever comes their way. 

“We felt some growing pains last year as an offensive line unit, and we came back ready to fix what needed to be fixed,” Hamm said. “My goal personally is to go out there and be one of the top guys in the SEC on the offensive line and help our unit out any way I can.”

The adversity faced is only part of Hamm’s story. Family and leadership have become a focal point of who Hamm is and the Auburn Family was and still is a part of that. 

“I came here because of the family atmosphere,” Hamm said. “I just fell in love with the place. The family is a real thing, and Auburn is going to take care of you.”

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