Troy Baseball Set For Fall World Series This Weekend

TROY, Ala. – The Trojans near the end of their fall schedule as they prepare for a two-game fall classic intra-squad game. The first game will take place Friday, October 22, at 5:30 pm, followed by the second game on Saturday, October 23, at 11 am from Riddle Pace Field. Both games are free for fans to come and take in the action.
The ‘Battle for Troy’ as Head Coach Skylar Meade coined it will culminate all the team’s work this fall.
“The next two days will be very exciting for our group to compete in their first “Battle of Troy,” Meade said. “The biggest thing we will look for as a staff who continues to improve their game stays in character as a player, and who can handle a slightly higher stakes contest between teammates. I hope that the game comes down to the final inning as 90% of our games this fall have.  I am very proud so far of the team buy-in over the last two months, and I can’t see some clean ball this weekend.”
This fall world series will have a few unique additions to provide the players with  a little bit of fun and game-like scenarios throughout.
The Rules

  • .One Continuous game (9 innings Friday). The Friday matchup will determine if Saturday’s matchup will be seven or nine innings (based on pitching)
  • The team-leading after nine innings of Friday’s game will get to start an inning on Saturday with a runner at first and second base with no outs
  • The coach of each team gets to choose during the game an inning where they start runner at first no outs / first and second no outs / and one time where the bases are loaded with no outs. The coaches can choose when they use these at their discretion – every inning is open except for the first inning of the Friday game.

Black Team Roster


Coaches & Staff
Head Coach: Logan Blackmon
Assistant Coach: Ben Wolgamot
Managers: Adam Kennedy II, Gavin Applegate
Honorary Coach: Coach Rigby
Support Staff: Mr. Bees

Cardinal Team


Coaches & Staff
Head Coach: Landon Langston
Assistant Coach: Adam Godwin
Managers: Gavin Calloway, Graydon Albritton
Support Staff: Gavin Pence and Becky Whetstone


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