Student Spotlight – Macie Wilson

In a new series, Huntingdon Athletics will be featuring student-athletes each week.

Name: Macie Wilson  

Year: Junior

Sport: Softball

Major: Elementary education collaboration special 

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama

Why did you choose Huntingdon? 

I chose Huntingdon because of all the ways I can get involved. I love getting involved and Huntingdon has so many organizations for me to join and be a part of.  

What are your pre-game rituals?

I wear my hair in the same hairdo if we won the game before; if not, I change my hairdo. I make sure to use the same bat to warm-up hitting with. I also do some drills with the same person (Nevaeh McIntyre) about 5 minutes before the game starts. 

What is your favorite place to eat in Montgomery?

La Zona Rosa is my favorite place to eat because I love Mexican food and I grew up eating there! 

Who is your favorite professor?

Dr. Zimbelman (Assistant Professor of Teacher Education). She is my favorite professor because her enthusiasm just makes me want to learn everyday. I hope to be like her when I become an educator!

What class would you never want to take again?  

Statistics! Statistics just has too many numbers and charts for me to keep up with. I have always been so terrible at math.  

If you could play a second sport at Huntingdon, what would it be and why?

Beach volleyball. I really do not know why but it seems so much fun!

What are your plans after Huntingdon?  

I plan to become an elementary school teacher and eventually get my masters in  elementary education!  

How did you end up at Huntingdon?

I am from Montgomery, AL and I played travel ball for a team called EC Bullets (East Cobb, Georgia) and a requirement of being on this travel team was to contact coaches. I contacted the coaches here and they came to watch me and offered me a spot on the team! They were so welcoming and I just loved it here compared to the other colleges I was considering. 

How is Huntingdon preparing you for your career?

Huntingdon really prepares me for my career by having us students go out into the field and experiencing real life teaching! I feel like I will be more prepared than I need to be and I am not complaining. 

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?

Favorite spot is the softball field (duh). That is where I spend a lot of my time and I love it!

Rapid Fire:  


Color- Light blue  

Food- Buffalo wings  

Song- Dinosaur by Hank Williams Jr.  

Binge Series – The Walking Dead  

Dunkin or Starbucks- Dunkin 

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