John Grass Press Conference Quotes – Kennesaw State Week

John Grass


Jacksonville State Football Weekly Press Conference
September 28, 2021 – Kennesaw State Week
Head Coach John Grass
Opening Comments:
“It was very disappointing about Saturday and it was not where we wanted to be at the end of the game. The last three games have been a one-score games and won two of those and came up on the short end of the stick on Saturday. I didn’t think we played bad, we actually played well at times during the game and did some things really well. We played just ok sometimes and just ok will get you beat by a field goal. The team that blocks and tackles the best usually wins the game and I felt like they (UT Martin) blocked and tackled better in the third and fourth quarter than we did. They were able to run the ball and doubled us up on yardage, so they controlled the line of scrimmage. We missed some open field tackles throughout the game, especially in the second half. In the first half, when you play a team as explosive as UT Martin is, you have to make hay when you can, so when you get in the red zone, you have to sore touchdowns. We stalled out and had to kick field goals and put it on out kicker to make a 51, 52-yard field and you can’t depend on that. You have to put the ball in the endzone, which we were not able to do. We left some points on the field and we were not able to hit some shots that were touchdown balls. I thought we played well defensively in the first half, but did not play well in the second half and not up to our standard on defense. It is going to be a battle every week and you are going to be in one-score games a lot and either you make the play or you don’t. We have to get better and get better at blocking and tackling.”
“Moving forward, it doesn’t get any easier with Kennesaw State, which will be a conference game next year. It is a bit of a rivalry with them and they are a great program and Coach Bohannon has done a great job over there and looking forward to playing over there with a great crowd. Their brand of football with the option is tough to prepare for in a week, so we have to play assignment football to prepare for it. It has been three years since we have played them, so we have very few guys on our roster that has lined up and played against the triple option. It is a different animal and it’s a big concern going in to this one. We have to get healthy and we are beat up and ready for an off week. We are playing without some guys and some guys that are banged up.”
On winning the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball:
“It goes back to the physicality and usually we have been able to do that. We have done it at times this year, but we need to do it all the time. I think upfront we have to play at a high level. I think the injuries have hurt when you get banged up there. Our guys are practicing and playing hard and sometimes that is just not enough. I think our group will respond and play better this week.”
On playing against the triple option:
“What they (Kennesaw State) do is very difficult and unorthodox in today’s football. It is not something you see a lot and not a lot of these guys have played against it. Preparing for it in a just a short time is tough, but we are going to have to play assignment football. The beauty of the triple option is that it puts the defense in one-on-one tackling situations. You are going to have to get your share of getting the ball on the ground.”
Kolbi Fuqua, R-So., SAF
On getting better after Saturday:
“It boils down to blocking and tackling. We just have to go back and lock-in this week. The defense was not consistent and not our standard. We will turn things around this week after watching the film and getting better each day.”
On facing the triple option:
“I have played against it in high school a couple of time. It comes down to physicality and you can’t play for the eye candy. You have to read your keys, because a mistake can lead to big plays. We have to be locked-in this week.”
Ahmad Edwards, R-So., WR
On getting better after Saturday:
“Finishing drives is a big thing and offensively we have to finish and not put our defense in tough situations. We need to win a lot of one-on-one and all be on the same page.” 

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