Student-Athlete Spotlight: Andie Salasky

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Samford Athletics is continuing the Student-Athlete Spotlight series, presented by Coca-Cola, which, this week, will highlight Andie Salasky, a junior defensive specialist on the volleyball team.
Salasky came to Samford from East Grand Rapids, Michigan. She talked a little about what brought her to Samford.
“I applied everywhere in the south, I just wanted to get out of the cold a little bit,” Salasky said. “I don’t remember Samford at all on my list and got my acceptance letter, looked up the campus and it was gorgeous. I saw the major I wanted, e-mailed the coach and he was like, sure, come play for us, we’d love to have you. That was my story.”
Salasky said she was not sure when she was looking at colleges if she even wanted to play volleyball or not. Samford, she said, was the perfect fit.
“Honestly, I was just so wishy-washy with the idea of playing volleyball in college,” Salasky said. “It just worked out so well, coming here and playing, and then it was like, why not give it a shot, see how it goes, and it’s been a great experience so far.”
Salasky has been in the south for a couple of years now. She talked about what she likes most about the area.
“In Birmingham alone, I love the food,” Salasky said. “There are so many different options, there are so many cool places to be. Just the different cultures that all have met in Birmingham is crazy. You have the barbecue, you’ve got the Tex-Mex, you’ve got everything. So, the food is a great thing.”
She also talked about what she misses about her home in Michigan.
“I love the fall and I love the spring, and in Alabama there is like two days of fall and there’s like two days of spring before it’s summer or it’s freezing,” Salasky said “I miss the seasons of it, like the leaves changing and the prolonged period of it. I do like the sunshine, always, but I’m definitely missing the seasons.”
Salasky talked about the competition that has been going on at the defensive specialist position this year.
“We love to push each other for sure, but I think we’re really encouraging of each other,” Salasky said. “It doesn’t even matter who’s playing where, we’re so here for it, we’re there for the program and we know whoever the coaches put out there, they deserved it because we’ve watched them earn it. K-Mo (Kate Morgan) came in here and she really killed it. So, we have no hard feelings over it, it’s more of an encouragement. We’re just trying to make the team better and better each other. So, pushing each other really helps the team push to be better in the end. So, whatever happens, happens.”
Salasky talked about what she sees as the most important qualities in a defensive specialist.
“A go-get-it attitude, the ball never hits the floor type thing,” Salasky said. “Just doing what they can to bring energy to the court. A lot of times DS’s can’t really be out there the whole time, obviously, so really just taking that time that they are out there and making the most of it.”
To be successful in sports, student-athletes must have a certain mindset. Salasky talked about what her mindset is when she plays.
“When I’m serving, I am just thinking, I’m going to war here,” Salasky said. “They are the other side; they are the enemies and I have got to make them look like a fool.”
She also talked about what makes a good serve.
“Keylor’s big on flow,” Salasky said, “So, no spin on the ball and just watching it kind of move, and you don’t really know where it’s going to go sometimes when that happens, but that unpredictability is hard to really pass.”
With a tough non-conference schedule combined with some injury issues, Samford has had a tough start to its season. Salasky talked about how the Bulldogs are approaching the season.
“We’re not too worried about it now because of how much adversity we’ve had to overcome,” Salasky said. “We have not had a regular season conference with a full team yet. So, we’re more focused on winning the tournament and getting back to the NCAA.”
The volleyball team plays at Mercer tonight at 6 p.m. (CT), and then the Bulldogs host Furman Friday night at 7 p.m. in the Pete Hanna Center. For links to follow the matches, go to the volleyball schedule page at the following link: VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE PAGE.
For the latest news and information on Samford volleyball, visit the official website for Samford Athletics at Fans can also follow the Bulldogs on social media at @SamfordSports (Facebook), @SamfordVB (Instagram) and @SamfordVB (Twitter).


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