China Got What They Wanted

            In the wake of the diplomatic debacle and military embarrassment in Afghanistan, we might expect Joe Biden’s first speech to the United Nations as president would be focused on repairing his tattered and torn feckless foreign policy.  Quite to the contrary, Biden claimed he had renewed European alliances despite the fact that NATO blamed him for the worst military catastrophe in NATO’s history, the British Parliament admonished Biden for his disastrous retreat from Kabul, and France has recalled their ambassador.  Biden was only too happy to appease UN officials, but his primary objective was to reassure China that America did not seek or want another cold war.

            As American credibility craters around the world, Biden is entirely oblivious.  To his feeble mind and the fevered leftists’ minds, as long as he was reversing any and all Trump policies, everything is just hunky dory.  Americans may be suffering and the world is less stable and secure, but China is content.  And really, that’s the whole point.  China gets what China wants; and their American president has been very helpful.

            Contrast Biden’s mealy mouth remarks to President Trump’s bold courageous address to the United Nations just last year.  Trump faced the dragon head on and called them out for all their nefarious activities.  Trump supported sanctions on China for their human rights abuses, slapped tariffs on them for global trade depredations, and insisted they comply with environmental regulations for their pervasive polluting.  Perhaps most aggravating to China was Trump’s demand that China be held accountable for the damages unleashed on the world from the Chinese corona virus also known as COVID19.

            Just one short year later, China is mocking the USA for its military failure, working with the Taliban as they hold Americans hostage, and preparing to take over our military bases and equipment abandoned by Biden in Afghanistan.  President Trump withdrew the USA from the World Health Organization (WHO) for their complete mishandling of the pandemic and blatantly lying about the origins and China’s culpability, but Biden has rejoined the WHO to fund their lies and aid their efforts to cover for their Chinese master.

            Biden’s craven groveling at the UN was nauseating.  China got what they wanted.  Instead of being called out for all their global meddling and malfeasance, China was greeted with overtures of appeasement and reconciliation from a pathetic weak Joe Biden.  Biden avoided or glossed over the real issues and offered to work with China on the climate change hoax and cooperate with China on the pandemic cover up.

            It was all music to Chinese ears, but it hasn’t stopped there.  Charged by the Trump Administration for violating sanctions against Iran, Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou, had those charges dropped by Biden’s DOJ.  And Biden is silent as China threatens Taiwan with aggressive military activities; a Chinese attack on Taiwan is imminent on Biden’s watch.

            Biden essentially surrendered to China at the UN.  Why is Biden beholden to China?  Is he afraid?  His son, Hunter, has known relationships and proven arrangements with China, so is he worried about embarrassing conflicts of interest or just doesn’t want to lose the lucrative connections?  Or does China have something on Biden?

            The Biden family has demonstrably highly questionable and possibly criminal activities in China, so perhaps China is extorting Biden by threatening to expose their duplicity.  Or does Biden owe a much larger debt to China?  Like the presidency?!  Of course, it’s heresy to say Biden didn’t win fairly; and some even scold that it’s insanity to suggest Biden stole the election.  However, there is ample evidence of cyber-attacks on election systems, voter fraud, and election tampering that has never been fully investigated.  Any mention of these election shenanigans is met with derision and often censorship; Americans are not even allowed to ask legitimate questions about all the blatant inconsistencies in election reporting and results.

            The Democrat Media Complex howls craziness when anyone says the election was not fair and free, but what is crazy is NOT investigating all these credible allegations?  What is crazy is not acknowledging the obvious collusion with China?  What is crazy is not seeing that Americans did not vote for Biden’s bungling or devastating policies?  And finally what is the most insane is ignoring that China is getting everything they want while a dithering Biden enjoys the ice cream in the White House.

            “He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”  James 1:8

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