Tips For Buying the Best Designer Sunglasses

When we go to buy a new pair of designer sunglasses, the temptation is to quickly By the pair of sunglasses as soon as we find that we like them. It may be true that the fritted pair of sunglasses may be appealing but once you actually use them for a while, they may not be the right ones for you. In some case, even if the market is crowded with similar looking sunglasses, none of them can appeal to you. You need a classy pair or else you will feel disappointed. But, buying a new pair is not easy; you would need to take various factors into consideration. For buying the right sunglasses, read ahead…

Why do you need a new pair of sunglasses?

instrumentation, styles and looks – many of our customers buy a new pair simply because the style is something they have never worn before. Sometimes people do this by mistake. They do this feeling impressed by something they have seen and do not properly study the features and the design. This mistake is common as people have a tendency to believe that what is current must be best. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Trends are ever-changing. Therefore, if you are someone who trends set, do not worry; there is a new trend which is worth trying. Be of a shade that suits your complexion. There are shades which are ideal for all complexions. It is important to determine your coloration. By doing so, it will not only emphasize your personify but also make an ideal match for your personality. That is why, it is important to buy a new pair of sunglasses after carefully studying the latest designs and styles.

What are the features of a good pair of sunglasses?

UV protection, based on the level of ultraviolet rays, is just as important as the style, as ultraviolet radiation is harmful even at the cellular level. Therefore, it has always been crucial to protect your eyes as well as the skin around. There are essentially two classifications for ultraviolet rays – UVA and UVB. The former is considered as more dangerous (oled.) rays and the latter is much milder but still acts as dangerous rays. In other words, UVB rays are not good for your eyes but are not as dangerous as UVA. Don’t get fooled by the words, such as “Ultra Violet bloom,” that is really an UVA. UVA rays can penetrate garments and if they do hit your eyes, they could result inburns around the eyes as well as conjunctivitis (coloredopsia). On the other hand, UVB rays are not present in every form but when rays hit your eye, it results in cataracts. In conclusion, the safest bet is to go for a wide lens. This can be of any color. However, pick up a mirror and check for color distortion and contrast. These are natural signs of shutter glasses.

Here are the major aspects to consider…

Frame material

Your sunglasses needs to be flexible so that it is easy to grab and go. Materials like titanium, stainless steel, mirror and clay are very popular because of their durability and flexibility. Whatever you flaunt to the world, go for an understated pair like black, or else risk making a fashion blunder.

Frame color

Choose a shade which is apt for the type of frame that you have. For example, metal forms take away the distortion effect from the top of your frame and makes them part of the art. Plastic is perfect for a gradient of colors on your frame as it has the same color validity.


Designer sunglasses do not fit every face. You have to be confident that the particular pair that you are picking up can go well with the shape and shade of your face. The more important question to answer than style is that how well do you guarantee that your pair of sunglasses is UV protected.

Sunglasses with style

You have to be completely sure of your pair before buying it. A pair which is cheap may not be the right choice if you are looking for style fusion.


Do not forget to check the polarization property of the lenses. SAassador lenses are very much effective in glare reduction. You can check the reading lightrance of the lens when you hold it. If it is not possible to check it yourself, ask the store attendants to check for you.

Lens coating

Polarize lens can reduce the glare and excessive glare. There are many types of coatings available like anti reflective, hydro repellant, multi-layer, and global warming. Always go for coating which is highly absorbent.

Frame and temple

The frame has to be strong. The temple has to be strong, strong and affordable. A titanium frame can offer strong durability with high durability. Remember to check the weight of the temple.

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