The Advantages of Growing Upside Down Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very good and very healthy. We practically use them in almost everything we eat. We use them in salads and we use them a lot when we are cooking. At times it is very difficult to find very ripe and fresh tomatoes in supermarkets, stores, and even at the market. Most people have now restored to growing their own tomatoes. Growing upside down tomatoes has become very popular and a lot of people are doing it. This is due to the numerous advantages of growing tomatoes upside down. Let me firstly explain how it is done and what is needed in order to grow fresh tomatoes upside down then we can go through the advantages and benefits.

You will need preferably a round bucket with a lid and or a structure similar to a bucket which you use. You will also need a wire or a structure to hold and support the bucket and the tomatoes of course. You will also need to make some holes in the under side or the bottom of the bucket for watering. You will need to drill holes on the on sides of the bucket. You then will mix you soil in the bucket and plant the tomatoes plants from the side with the stems hanging out. In a nutshell it is planting and growing tomatoes in a bucket that is upside down.

The advantages of doing this are:

Healthier and tastier tomatoes-The tomato plants used to grow up and along the side of the bucket will now grow straight up and are going to feed on the nutrients provided by the growing tomatoes. The root system of the tomato plant is now much healthier as the weight of it is not actually holding the weight of the tomato plant and the bucket.

No Staking- There will be no need for staking the tomato and the tomato plant in the upside down bucket. We all know that when something is growing along the ground that something is going to get stuck or pulled. With the growing tomatoes in a bucket and the bucket hanging down you will not have to worry about this problem.

Things You’ll Need to Start Growing Tomatoes Upside Down- You will need a five gallon paint bucket that is dark blue in color and has a handle. You will need to drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket which is large enough for the hose to be able to sink into. Once the hole is done drill about 5-6 holes on the sides of the bucket which will be the bottom of the planter. This is where you will be placing your tomato plant and the hose.

tomato plants

seedling tomato plants

watering can

hose or pencil


Water- Soak the paint bucket for 30 minutes and then rinse the paint bucket 4 times. The paint bucket needs to be clean and free of any contaminants before repainting.

side of the bucket to contain the plants

pots for the tomato plants

2 feet tall metal pole or handle for the bucket

6- 8 pieces of fire neck screws

1/4″ wood cube

Drill with 1/8″ bit

(measurements as follows) – 6- 1/2 x 4- 1/2 x 2 ft. (4 ft. x 4 ft. is the minimum amount of material that can be threaded through the 3/4″ hole on the bucket) – 1/2 x 4- 1/2 x 2 ft.

Begin- Place the tomato plant and support stake in the ground. Dig a hole next to the plant (at the same level as it was in the pot in which it was growing) and take off the bottom leaves.

Position the growing pot in the hole and make sure to fill in the hole and around the plant. When repotting, make sure to plant the plant a little higher in the bucket than it was in the pot. This will allow the root system to grow and not get pillow- encapsulated.

All the except for the metal pole and the end posts, you will be putting in wooden stakes. But you won’t be using the stakes to hold the bucket tightly together. Instead, you will use them to mark a circle around the bucket and keep the level of the hole straight. The stakes are cheap and can be found at any home improvement store. I have used plastic lath and flexible copper wire to secure smaller buckets.

Begin- With the bucket lined up with a sheet of plastic, center the bucket and pour in the rooting hormone. Begin filling the bucket, up to the brim with potting soil.

Let-out-of-the-box-and-start-your-joy-of-growing-mbg-plastic-mbg-handled- bucket gardening-5 gallon-or-big-container-of-plastic-ness.

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