Puppy Training – How Pet Owners Can Train Their Puppy to Accompany Their Child

Puppy training in the early days is so important, because most of your puppy’s training will be done in the first few months of its life. A puppy is a big responsibility. Puppy training during its first year of life will set your dog up for life, but one that is satisfying and at the same time rewarding. Does it frustrate you? Expect it. But don’t whine, cry or take it out on your slippers. Work with your new puppy. Find the bonding, the manners that are acceptable to you. It will pay off. Soon you will see that you have accomplished a lot more than what you thought possible.

A new puppy in your home will have an impact on all your life. They will demand constant attention, supervision, and interaction. This means you need to return to them, reward them for appropriate behavior and discipline them for improper behavior. If you have children, they need to be taught how to behave appropriately with the new puppy. Read the following carefully. Your children will need to know how to treat the puppy after you have successfully introduced them to it.

What To Do Before Your New Puppy is Born

TheSPECIAL NOTE* For larger breed puppies please plan in advance, and leave plenty of time for larger dogs to adjust to their new life.

It’s a lot of work to take care of a young puppy. There is a lot to take care of when getting a large or giant breed dog as they are expecting too.You will need to STAY outside with your new puppy for the first few days. This is as simple asgging for the weather. If you live in an area that gets really cold like New England, you may want to go outside a few times a day with your puppy, for example. Taking your puppy outside, right away, without any introduction at all may take a little longer.

If you live in a warm climate, you may want to start indoors with a heating pad or doggy pillow for the first few days, of course.

You will still want to introduce your puppy to their new environment outside. The puppy soon realizes they are in a different world from their previous one, and world feels strange and strange. Most puppies are fine with this at the beginning, but over time they may start to show preference to one side or other over the other. It’s okay, because they will be comfortable in their new world.

Please do not force your puppy in any direction you may choose. That will probably confuse them too, and you probably wouldn’t like it.

breaking in method

immediate exposure to people

head out the door

come in the door

take off down the yellow brick road

get a piece of the green grass

sit by the tree

play with the puppy for a bit

have someone at home while you’re going for a walk

if you have friends, take them over to see the new puppy

they may let the puppy sleep with them for a time, but that must be by arrangement with the new owner

ossible some behavior problems like barking, biting, hiding, fear of the light

Putting the dog in a cage/crate is a big deal to many people, but many dogs actually like it. If your puppy behaves well in the crate, then it’s a big deal to you. A puppy in a cage/crate is only confined for parts of the day, and has very little room to move around. It is very important to not use the crate as a punishment, as that will cause them to fear it, and then you will have difficulty removing them from the crate when necessary. Unless they are being destructive, the crate should never be used as a punishment. Dogs are den animals, and they feel safety in a controlled environment.

Any owner that locks their puppy in a crate all day is pretty much detrimental. The crate should never be used as a source of punishment, it should only be used as a means to prevent separation anxiety, or to help prevent destructive behavior,

It is also important to change the name of the crate to something that is distinguishable from the house name, otherwise the puppy will get used to barking for no reason, and will bark for no reason at all, and then will get used to it.Changing the name of the crateationhould not be done overnight. But a few days or a week later is usually good.

Please do not make punishment a part of bonding. Puppies that are punished will learn to fear you, not bond to you. They are just like teenagers that are learning how to live life. I could not stress this point enough. If you want to get your puppy to cooperate with your house training, punishment is not a good idea, try other methods first.

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