Information Security Professionals Find Critical Vulnerability in Google Chrome

Recently, Google reported High risk vulnerabilities found by Information Security Professionals. Patch released addresses 11 vulnerabilities out of which, one is critical, while 5 others are rated high. Often major security flaws are assigned to software companies to cover vulnerabilities before their full exploitation by hackers. The critical vulnerability is found in Google Chrome, which is popular among mobile users. The vulnerability is caused by integer truncation error and affects Chrome version version 19. Information Security Professionals identified vulnerability in Chrome version 19. Security researchers at Information Security Enterprise assign its high risk rating because often hackers exploit integer truncation error vulnerabilities and create fake malicious links to trick users. The fake links may lead users to malicious websites that install malware on their computer. Google Chrome versions are available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Often, cyber criminals assaults computers and takes over the functions of the devices. It steals bandwidth, and corrupts files. It is a general security breach because it affects crucial information like credit card number, user account information, and sensitive information. Hackers may breach your computer and take control over it to steal information and money.

Google Chrome vulnerabilities

Information Security Professionals identified vulnerability in Google Chrome version 19. Security flaws can exist in web applications, server applications, and in the browser itself. Attackers can gain access to resources and complete control over the affected application. You should protect your Chrome version in order to prevent unauthorized installations of malicious applications and personal information. To prevent your Chrome version from vulnerable to attacks, remove all its components automatically. It may also help to remove its memory resident plug-in files.

Problems caused by Google Chrome vulnerabilities

The Google Chrome version is prone to complex vulnerabilities and there are number of problems associated with the Google Chrome version. The most common problem is its inability to display properly efficiently on low-resource devices such as tablets. Since so many users are using Google Chrome version these days, it suggests that there are more problems coming up. Users should be careful while updating their Google Chrome version. A recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports shows that majority – almost 60% – of those who have used a different version of the web browser are not using the latest one.

Google Chrome vulnerabilities are reported to Microsoft every now and then. When you visit a website, be it a bank or a shopping website, you may encounter moment when you’ve got to view protected. Chances are that you’ll see a message about Internet Explorer and that there’s a risk while filling out a form. Say you’ve clicked the Link button and been taken to your account. You’ll be asked to enter your user name and password, which probably didn’t put much cause for alarm.

Protect your Google Chrome from attacks

Since there are several types of vulnerabilities found in the Google Chrome web browser, it is important to obtain a web developer’s certificate to protect you from different web threat. Award winning penetration testers are going to be Drawing on your account this day and they’re going to show you how to recover if your Google Chrome has been infected. Make sure you have a sighted for the website that you are visiting, so that you can detect any malware activity. Remove all 2011 Internet Explorer plug-ins, if they are available. You may select the Chrome version for your computer.

The iPad version of the Google Chrome web browser has a 2048-bit signature, which is bigger than the standard 1024-bit one. If your computer has a 2XX or 3XX series processor, you will need a several extensions to go along with the main Google Chrome web browser. Since Google Chrome is basically a replacement for Internet Explorer, it stands to reason that Google Chrome wouldn’t be coming soon as an alternative to IE. However, since Mozilla Firefox is also a viable option in the matter ofWideband Internetaccess, see what they have to offer you.

What they say about Mozilla Firefox…

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Device Input SDK (HTML5 HSDK)

An Introduction to Mozilla Firefox

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